By not saying it was whores, but... - 16/10/2014 20:32 - United States

Today, I accidentally belched at the dinner table. At age 22, I got sent to my room with no dessert by my parents. FML
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Wow I misread this completely . *down votes self*

In my house my mom and I have burping contests, I understand it being rude in front of guests or in a restaurant but in your own home, it shouldn't be a big deal.. In my opinion x)


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At least they didn't rub your face in it.

Wow I misread this completely . *down votes self*

Down vote yourself indeed

#33 You should do the same.

Well I read it as He bleached the dinner table at first until I reread it, so he might have done the same.

I would answer that if it wasn't embarrassing and make me look more special then I am... I was dropped as a child don't judge ! Damnit ... Bingo 49

I'm actually thinking that he read it as barfed instead of belched. His comment would then at least make sense.

It happens. Parents got nothing to get worked up about.

The thing is, he's 22 years old.

I agree with the previous comment, he's 22 years old and if he's still living with his parents - not necessarily something to be ashamed of these days - the parents more likely than not have guidelines for him to follow, as it is their home their rules after all

He could be living with them while he goes to college.

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mind your manners!!

It was an accident. Sometimes it can't be helped.

24, I'm pretty sure I can hold in a burp

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Very uncivilized!

Never letting out gas can cause serious health problems. Polite or not, everyone needs to burp and fart.

No one said to never let it out? But you can excuse yourself to the washroom or another room. While it was an accident and I can understand they sometimes happen, just because it's "natural" doesn't mean you should let it all out. It's natural to reproduce as well. Shall we do that on the kitchen table while our parents are eating?

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Did you really just compare burping at the table to fucking in front of your parents on the table?

I certainly did. There's a time and place for everything.

Burping can happen accidentally, and sex happens by choice. Burping and sex have absolutely nothing in common, so I don't know how you could compare them.

Since you're going to read my post selectively and only choose what you want to hear you shall never know. I had already said I know it can happen accidentally, and no one said to never burp. However in some cases you CAN hold it in! (Imagine that) and excuse yourself to the next room. However I am sure you won't read that part again.

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Well, your comparison kinda threw us off, that's why we're focusing on that part of your comment

Ha, well if you live with them they do get to make the rules

I 2nd that!! If you want to be treated like adult, live like one.

Hah that sucks op

No shit, Link.

Your picture is perfect for your comment because it's like your TRYING to troll us

Hey now. Majora's Mask was a really cool game. Yes, the plot was awful, but it was fun.

In my house my mom and I have burping contests, I understand it being rude in front of guests or in a restaurant but in your own home, it shouldn't be a big deal.. In my opinion x)

That shit is nasty, try to hold it in next time.

Yeah OP, how dare you be human!

Oh, as if you're so perfect to not burp at all.

You don't have to burp out loud. You can burp without opening your mouth and breathe it out.

Too bad you're not from Germany.

Rulpsen ... Excuse me.

Be proud of your burps