By cupcake_butt - 17/10/2011 08:39 - United States

Today, my 28-year-old brother who has been pranking me all my life, put a chocolate cupcake on my chair. I sat on it, with my white dress. On my wedding day. FML
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Oh god.. that sucks.. if i were you.. he would die!!!


Just get back it him. Shove his face into the cake.


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Well, you fell for it..YDI =]

You got hit by a bus, you fell for it, YDI???

80- I don't recall any FML's Involving getting hit by a bus?!

That's maybe because it would be pretty chalenging to write an FML after being hit by a BUS!!! Chalenge accepted, anyone?

I'm on it!If I shall live after being hit by a bus,I will write an FML.I will be mad if it isn't posted...

Ok keep me posted :D

Who doesn't check a chair when they sit down.

how's she a sucker?

AliCat18 12

I would of fucking killed him! thats going a way too far! im so sorry!


Just get back it him. Shove his face into the cake.

Shove the cupcake you sat on into his face... Or think up something very diabolical for his wedding day, if he's not married.

Or a take a knife and shove his face into that ;)

73- op just got married, I doubt prison is where they want to be right now.

First duty as husband - junk punch your douche brother in law.

I have a feeling she didn't post this during the wedding reception

alex6946 10

Thats not good revenge for what he did to OP!

But then she would have ruined her wedding cake

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That's horrible for you but so funny for everyone else

Oh god.. that sucks.. if i were you.. he would die!!!

3 words. Kick his ass!

1 word- no. Instead of physical violence, she is obligated to perform the ultimate, most relentless prank ever. That way her brother writes an FML and we can all enjoy it :D

natashax21 5

Disinvite him to the wedding...immediately. Before he makes more trouble!

it's not shitty when it's chocolate.

848901 0

That's really bogus... :/

No, this is a legit prank. Just OP's brother is about 10 years too old for this, he could've chosen a better day, and he just needs to grow the fuck up.

mondayna 3

Who the hell still uses bogus

#246, obviously, THEY do. I do. TONS of people do. Son awesome language never goes out of style! 8)

Over used first comment, try being more witty.

Game on! I hope you have been plotting a revenge that tops the cake!

natashax21 5

Takes the cake...?

I'd say it would be worth soaking his face in china ink... you know, the kind that stains skin and you can't get off after a week.

Do you mean Indian ink o.O

What a great memory that's going to be!