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Today, I lent a pair of expensive headphones to a "friend" for the weekend. As a thank-you, he bought me a soda. He moved this weekend, taking the headphones with him. I lost a $250 pair of headphones for a $1 soda. FML
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Never lend to friends. Remember the notepad FML?

Tbh who lends someone $250 pair of head phones. Should of just bought him a $3 pair from a supermarket.


Never lend to friends. Remember the notepad FML?

I don't share headphones, personally I think it's unsanitary.. However, I would never lend a 250$ pair, ever. Shit can happen and I would never want to have a reason to be mad with my friend.

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I'm sure he is not going to do that.

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#109 How about you act a bit more classy? Calling a woman a bitch.. you are one great man.. the ladies must drool over you.

109, I used to love your comments. But lately, youve been acting like your on your man version of a period. Chillax dude.

Sue him? But it sucks to have such people as "friends"

Why would OP sue her friend?! It would achieve nothing, it's not like her friend assaulted her to get the headphones from her. There is no case here.

I don't know why you'd assume that OP is female

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#52 they show gender on the fml

Technically she could sue... It's stolen property (in a way at least). I dunno if I would sue, I know I'd be extremely upset and try my best to find away to get her to send them back or reimburse me $250. There's no way I'd just let that go.

Tbh who lends someone $250 pair of head phones. Should of just bought him a $3 pair from a supermarket.

If OP bought Beats, then he deserves it. Heck, who needs $250 headphones anyway? I guess he deserves it regardless.

OP should look on the brightside, his $250 failed investment still brought him a .40% dividend

100, if you are talking to 98, he never said op wasn't a girl.

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Feels ... Electronic device down the drain...

Oh it's being a thief. Or maybe they just forgot

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Tell him to mail it back otherwise threaten legal action, that should ensure him mailing it back :)

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If he doesn't mail it back, another option is to just hunt that mo-fo down and stalk him until you see him wearing the headphones then you can creep up on him and rip them out of his ears and escape like a ninja. It would work, I'm sure of it :P

What kind of friend doesn't know when their friend is moving? Why would you let some one borrow something if you don't know them that well? That soda must of been pretty tempting...

OP probably assumed the friend would return them first.

Although I agree, there should have been some element of assumption but if I'd paid that much for a pair of headphones I'd be nagging them to remember to give them back as soon as I handed them over. That's a lot of money!

If I'd paid that much for a pair of headphones no one else would ever be touching them.

if it's a friend... tell him to mail it back? where's the problem?

What do you mean 'friend'? If u know his/her address, get your things back!

Who spends 250 on headphones? Just buy some more if you could afford that in the first place

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Because everyone who can afford $250 can afford to spend $500...

I'm not sure I can understand why someone would spend that much on headphones. If you have the money, go for it but personally, I think it's such a waste.

Feeding off my first comment are you? This has already been said #9

I meant buy yourself some more, not buy them some. If you can spend $250 on crap like headphones you clearly have a decent amount of disposable income (or have TERRIBLE priorities)

34, that's where you're wrong. OP may have saved for them! There's nothing wrong with saving your money to spend on something nice for yourself. If OP wanted those expensive headphones they had every right to save up and buy them!

#37 I agree, also they could have been a gift. I hope you get them back OP and learn your lesson for the future.

My boyfriend bought me BOSE headphone for my birthday. I had no idea how crazy expensive they were until I looked up their information on the Internet. I use them all the time to listen to music while I sleep. They have a soft cushion around them that stays in place while I toss and turn. The idea came to him because I kept losing my tiny earbuds. :P

I've spent about $200 on headphones before because I can't stand the disgusting sound quality of normal headphones or earbuds. I certainly would not be able to just buy another pair if they were stolen and it took me over a year to save up for them (broke teenager here).

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I can afford $500 headphones, and I need them for working in recording studios. Remember not everyone has the same lifestyle and reasons

YDI. Why would you buy $200+ headphones when $20 ones work just fine.

The quality is vastly different. For headphones, unlike other things, you're paying for quality, not the brand(unless you buy beats). And 250 isn't that much for headphones...

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My ass it is. I have a pair of $15 headphones and they're amazing. They provide the best sound cancellation and sound better than Beats or Skullcandy or anything like that.

That's because almost anything is better than beats or skull candy. Buy a pair of sennheiser acoustic noise cancelling headphones, come back, and tell me your old ones are better quality. I dare you.

Oh yeah totally #32, I ONLY let sound come into my ears if its through sennheiser headphones. I mean imagine listening to all that nickelback in anything less than studio quality!

I second 31 on this one. For someone who uses headphones every day to listen to music I'm quite happy with the headphones that came with my phone and the pair I use for other devices. Neither cost me a bomb so to speak. I understand you saying the more expensive the better quality but I think unless you're a musician (a fussy one who sounds up their own ass) or something to do with music production a pair of standard headphones under £20 will do the trick.

32 - They still don't have to be expensive. I've a pair of €25 Sennheisers that are absolutely brilliant.

Some people are more sensitive/picky/what-have-you about audio playback than others. My partner, one of the picky ones, has an extremely expensive set of speakers -- and they're honestly the first time I've listened to higher-end speakers and said, "Huh, okay, I *can* hear a difference, and these are clearly better." Most higher-end audio equipment just sounds more or less the same to me. My partner, though, is also more sensitive to ambient background noise in real life, and so on. So yes, there can be a real difference, but not one that matters to everybody. And a higher price does not necessarily mean better sound quality.

Why buy a Mercedes when a Fiat does the job just fine? It's about quality and comfort. Some people value the experience much higher when listening using better headphones. I've discovered that I can listen for much longer using good equipment, and not get a headache.

Aaand this is why I have a jacket with earbuds in the strings! Nobody knows I have earbuds, so no arguments!

IMO it's all about brands and how popular it is. It's kind of like this: A lot of people prefer a $2,000 Chanel bag over a similar bag from WalMart for about $30.

72 - It depends on who companies market their products to. When it comes to Beats and Skullcandy headphones, you're definitely right. B&W/Denon/Sennheiser headphones on the other hand are less flashy, and more about producing better sound.

Have you ever seen high end stereo receivers that cost upwards of $20,000? High end audio is a niche and everybody has different ears, but once you move up from lower quality to better the difference is noticeable. Headphones/IEMs should always be burned in for at least 50 hours before sticking them in your ear. If you can afford expensive stuff don't let anyone stop you. But please don't buy the crap at walmart, best buy, brandsmart, or any other similar place. Do research. See what kind of sound you're looking for and just buy them. Not everything is expensive. Example: one of the best IEMs I've had and still use are the Vsonic GR06. Just $63 bucks. And for headphones the best I've used were the Audeze. Used, meaning borrowed (I can't afford 2K on that). The next best that don't break the bank were the Grados. Around $100. Everyone seems to want that "bass". Neutral sound with a little bit of a low end roll off is one of the best in my opinion. Google headfi and go through the site. You'll like.

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@87 I can confirm the vsonic ones are amazing, I have the GR04 Flagship edition paired with the MX1 DAC/heaphone from Audinst. All can be had for under $300 bucks and it will forever change your listening experience. If you have a little money to drop you will NEVER go back to the old one. Think scion FRS to Nissan gtr.

Why do you have to choose between $15 and $250? Have to think that money = quality OR brand? Imo, you do get the quality you paid for (I'd never use shitty $15 headphones - I have them and they're horrible) but at the same time there is a limit to how much you should spend (even if I could afford Beats I wouldn't buy then). All my headphones were around $100 and I'm happy with them.