By bubba - 17/10/2011 10:02 - China

Today, my boyfriend of 3 years felt comfortable enough with me to disclose that he had previously spent 4 years in a mental institute because he tried to kill his mother. He also told me we will be together forever. I'm scared. FML
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Don't worry, if he wants to be together forever he's probably not planning on killing you any time soon

I cant wait to see his reaction when you guys break up.


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If he's been your boyfriend of 3 years and he hasn't done anything to you , then don't worry to much about it. At least he told you the truth

Maybe he has shown signs and him reveling his secret is now starting to make sense to the OP. Four years in an institution is some pretty serious time to be doing and the OP is now worried for some reason. But, I hope you're correct, 27.(:

@ 27 I would agree with you but the OP says that she is scared. It's seems to me that she wants to break-up but she is scared of what he will do. What do you think that the boyfriend will do when he figures out that the OP is scared of him? He wants to stay with her forever.

He didn't harm you for 3 years what makes you think he might now.

I think it may be related to OP's boyfriend trying to kill his mother,subsequent lengthy stay at a psychiatric unit and maybe, just maybe, saying that they'll be "together forever" right after sharing this bit of news. But that's just a hunch.

I cant wait to see his reaction when you guys break up.

Beat him at his own game. Tell him you did 4 years in prison for attempting to kill and seriously injuring your last boyfriend, when he threatened you.

She has been with him for three years, why should she dump him now? And speaking of which, how could she have dated him for that long without knowing such a vital part of his past!?

"Hmm his mother is terrified of him and has a restraining order, strange.."

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Don't be scared. He had 4 years to get better

That made me laugh 107..I'm sure that was your objective.Mission complete!

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So that he won't get caught the next time.

They probably kicked him out because they saw no improvement whatsoever.

Don't worry, if he wants to be together forever he's probably not planning on killing you any time soon

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Ya, but after she breaks up with him he'll kill her.

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Either it means they'll have a long life together, or he's planning to go off with her.

It could also mean he's planning a murder suicide.

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Together forever might mean he will lock op away in a basement and feed her buckets of fish heads, if she tries to break up with him anyways.

they let him out now, so he must be better

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He said they will be together forever so I think that still sounds crazy

#217 not really, if you've been with someone for three years it could be quite a romantic thing to say, like "baby we're going to get married someday". it's just the context we've heard it in that makes it sound creepy

You should be scared! Men usually tend to go for women that are like their mother!

My fiancée is nothing like my mother.. so at least that's not true all the time

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