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Today, over a family dinner, my husband and I told everyone that I'm pregnant. My father frowned and said, "Again?", my 9-year-old daughter started crying, and her brother smirked and yelled, "Up the ass, no babies!" FML
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Great family OP has got there.

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Eh well, her family isnt the greatest, but they could have been kinder. And why are you having so many kids OP? You shouldnt have more kids than you can afford.

Who said she can't afford them? Also, three kids is not much at all.

Well i think it depends on the person for what counts as "alot" of kids. 1 kid could be all a person can handle, while some may be able to juggle 2 or 3 kids no problem.

29 - Jeterforever --- Your chance of surviving Hurricane Sandy (I saw your from New York) is slowly dropping.

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Three kids would be a lot if OP was a single mom, but she's married with at least a teen and a nine-year-old.

Hey smart one. 1. When did she say she couldn't afford them? 2. 3 kids isn't a lot at all.

Crapsey third should've thought about that before you brought another kid into this world and were thinking about no one but yourself bitch

3 kids is nothing. I'm one of 8 and know tons of families with upwards of 8 kids. 15 is excessive yet I still know 2 families of 15

Exactly who said she can't afford them?

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Gotta love those family dinners...

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Yeah we know, we read it in the original post. Dumbass.

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(Rubs crystal ball) Her brother is 6 years old, short brown hair, hazel eyes, and a slight lisp. He enjoys Scooby Doo and Batman and finds himself unable to resist poptarts. He does not like tomatoes or mushrooms, and is allergic to cortisone. His favorite color is orange, and his bed time is 7:00pm. Lemme know if I gotta rub my ball again.

oh yeah. rub your balls again in public, please do

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I'm a little concerned on why you want to know this, 6. Mainly because of your username. o.O

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... it'll be a cute story for the kids when they're older :) Your dad, though, hopefully he was just messing around. haha

Yes, because butt sex is very fun to talk about with your children.

who in the hell would talk to their kids about that.

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20-Well they would find out eventually

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17- I'm sure they'll laugh about it when they're adults....?

You raised some good kids there... The things people let their kid's do.

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I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that is pretty messed up...

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Your son is messed in the head. ._.