By badparent - 08/04/2013 04:26 - Australia - Southport

Today, my 16-year-old son convinced my 14-year-old daughter that she wasn't allowed to use the ladies bathroom at the shopping centre, because she wasn't wearing a dress like the girl on the sign. He told her girls in pants always used the other one. She believed him. This is my legacy. FML
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However if a boy wears a dress he can still go to the girls bathroom. This is a fact!

Doesn't he know it's actually the largely untrue stereotype that all women were a cape to the bathroom?


Doesn't he know it's actually the largely untrue stereotype that all women were a cape to the bathroom?

Cape to the bathroom, as a chimpanzee to the tire jack. (O_o)/

So they're not a cape any more? just asking for a friend

However if a boy wears a dress he can still go to the girls bathroom. This is a fact!

#2, Scotsmen in kilts do it all the time. That accounts for some sightings of the Loch Ness Monster;)

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Careful. He could be a future president. Obama managed to trick millions of people into thinking that they'd get free healthcare. Who says this kid can't manage to do that?

If he convinced her to squat in the urinal, he's a comedic genius! The next host of Punk'd.

4- Don't even joke about that, Perdix, I've gone into public washrooms to find someone took a dump in the urinal. Whether it was the act of a desperate man, or a rude one though, I have no idea. :p

#24, I once saw in a hardware store's men's room that someone took a crap on the floor right next to the toilet! I couldn't decide if they were angry at the store or whether their aim was that . . . *lowers sunglasses* shitty.

this kid will go far!

draco, humans are gross. that is all...

I have to vote YDI because if your child is really that naive it's more than likely at least partly your fault.

I fully agree. A 14 year old girl shouldn't be that stupid.

I know a 14 year old girl who didn't know what language people from Mexico spoke. It's pretty pathetic.

#13 I've seen worse there was a girl in my class who didn't know how to make toast

Paris Hilton perhaps #14? lol

I have vague memories of an FML from ages ago, regarding a teenaged girl in a school who did not know what a cloud was. To be clear: The ones in the sky, not the computing kind.

I once heard a survey, where numerous adults were asked, "What religion is most common among the Israeli people?" Every one of them guessed Muslim or Islam. So unfortunately this world is filled with unsharpened knives, and dim light bulbs.

A Muslim is an Islam follower. So that's not two different religions!

-14 I don't know how to make toast, but still, I'm pretty intelligent :) I was just never really taught how. THAT'S, my mums fault,

I wasn't taught either, 52. I just figured you put the toast in the toaster and turned the toaster on. Tried it. Hey presto! Toast.

Actually 54, you put bread in the toaster

My life is a lie!

Better buy her some triangle dresses!!

I'm actually more concerned about the possible serious implications for your daughter rather than lamenting their stupidity/gullibility.

Your son is cunningly persuasive. He'd either make a good banker or laywer one day. There's hope yet, OP!

Hey! I used to do things (almost) like that to my little sister. Now, I am a lawyer. I feel sorry for OP.

Come on, look at a brighter side. Your daughter may not be stupid, your son just may be a genius if he was able to convince her!

He can be the next president. Just has to convince millions of mindless people that his healthcare will be free for everyone.

I once went to a seafood restaurant where the restroom signs were "Shrimp" and "Clams". :P

With a long line of guys wandering around looking for the bathroom and claiming "I'm not a shrimp".

I don't like clams.