By Anon - 19/10/2020 07:57 - United States

Today, my parents told me, after 30 years of marriage, that they are getting a divorce. I went to my boyfriend's apartment because I needed some comfort. While sobbing to him, he decided to dump me on the spot because my reaction to the news was "immature" and he wants an "adult" relationship. FML
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Eh. You probably wouldn't have gotten 30 years out of that one anyways.


Eh. You probably wouldn't have gotten 30 years out of that one anyways.

Sounds like he was just looking for an off ramp. Kind of a bummer people rarely share the real problem with the Relationship.

It was kind of immature to get that upset. Most marriages end in divorce nowadays. Would you rather have them stay together and be unhappy? Still, your boyfriend is an ass for dumping you for being upset....

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immature to be upset about the divroce of your own parents. Thats a new one...

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divorces are an emotionally damaging event for all involved. and to call someone immature for crying over it is just as bad as the bf.

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I feel like its normal to get upset! sure its probably for the best and they will both create new lives but it's still normal to grieve how life was before they split up! and as for your now ex, I think you dodged a bullet there, I'm sure you want to be with someone you can turn to when you're upset! thankfully you dont have to spend your life with that ass.

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That's called a "bullshit excuse". There was another reason, and that's the one he won't tell you.

OP, I can see the explanation as one of two possibilities. If OP seemed wildly and disproportionately upset over her parents getting a divorce then that might have raised questions about OP’s emotional maturity - especially if OP was no longer living with their parents. Many families go through divorce, this isn’t the 1950’s when that was nearly unheard of. People adapt and survive. We all have to deal with disappointment of one kind or another - That’s part of life. How you deal with disappointment is important. The other possibility is that there was some other reason for breaking up with OP and this was a convenient excuse. To be honest, I suspect the first explanation is more likely the real one.