By DandoisFLAT - 12/08/2013 02:42 - United States - Milford

Today, my girlfriend texted me "I think we should move in". Then, ten seconds later she sent another text that said, "Sorry, typo. Move on". FML
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Hey, just wanted to inform everyone that yes, she is obviously my ex-girlfriend now and that i'm feeling fine. I was actually out skateboarding with some friends when i got the texts from her, and once i showed them, they made me feel a lot better. We were actually dating for a year and almost two months, but i never thought she would end it like that. So between my friends and the support from you guys i realized that i deserved better then her and i'll be more careful next time in choosing a partner. Thanks guys :)

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incoherentrmblr 21

Reply: "You were my main girl." Seconds later,"Sorry, typo, side girl."


\ 28

OP's girlfriend motioned to the door of their relationship.

She probably needed room in her relationship.

JocelynKaulitz 28

It was the "damn autocorrect."

addioty 19

send her to the corner of death

Come on #1. You had to chance to use move in and didnt

Damn 75, that would have been too good lol

flashback.miss 28

Sorry about that, but move one to someone better (preferably someone brave enough that won't break up over text messaging).

What if the girlfriend gave amazing head?

She still broke up with him in a text message that she didn't even bother to proof read

And you're a dumbass who can't understand a joke. See how easy it is to insult people over the internet? Even if you didn't like the joke please explain how that makes me an idiot?

Maybe because the joke was distasteful? Although, calling someone an idiot is taking it a bit too far. But then again, this is the internet.

#39, really? Keep the ignorance to yourself please.

bfsd42 20

#56, the only ignorance is in the people who complained about the comment. It was funny and definitely within the distasteful nature expected in the fml community.

Better than saying "sorry, wrong person".

RedPillSucks 31

Nah! I'd rather "wrong person".

Spider_Web 11

The girlfriend saying it's time to move in then saying "wrong person" is just as bad

The girlfriend saying it's time to move on and then saying 'wrong person' is even worse!

I hope you made the right move after that

Agreed. I hope he texted her "that's good, because I was going to reject you to moving in anyway"

Don't worry OP it's a big world with plenty of women out there, you'll find who'll never want to leave you.

RedPillSucks 31

and who have better typing skills.

Well that's a huge disappointment, better luck next time.

Who breaks up with someone over text? That's harsh ... Sorry OP

You haven't seen people breaking up over text? Welcome to FML!

Every girlfriend I've ever had has dumped me over text. It's quite common in our society.

Honestly I don't get what's so bad about breaking up over text. I mean what's really going to change if done face to face. It's going to hurt the same. Maybe it's because I'm the type that doesn't really care. I've done it to anyone though.

lazygirlWOW 9

It shows you had respect for that person. Enough said.

I've seen people break up over text many times; & I just find it harsh how people can't sum up the courage and give you enough respect to do it face to face. I think maybe people find it harder to see the other persons reaction & they try to avoid it?

IGaveRickUp 15

Where does it say that she Brests up with OP?

Breaks up..? & I'm pretty sure that's what 'I think we should move on' means, but that might just be me.

RedPillSucks 31

I think OP would have preferred her to "Brest up" with him.

What would respect matter if their dumping you? Even if they did it face to face he still lost a girlfriend and would still feel bad. Just saying a break up is a break up no matter how it's done.

Sadly it's very common, it shouldn't be but it is.

Breaking up over text makes it impersonal and easier to do for the person doing the breaking up. Its a chicken-shit way of "getting out" without having to deal with the other persons emotions as your doing it.. It's not going to be any easier for those being dumped. People that do this aren't worth losing tears over.

O get what everyone is saying I'm just asking why should it really matter. The last thing I ever think about when the thought of being dumped comes to mind is how you got dumped. I mean if someone dumps you would you really want to see them?

It may be common, but that doesn't make it right!