By jts - 20/02/2016 09:55 - United States - Asheville

Today, I had to console my bawling 6-year-old son and explain that his sister was lying when she told him that when boys in our family turn 13, they turn into girls. I'm not sure who disappoints me more right now. FML
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So does that mean I'm not going to turn into a man on my 30th birthday? So why do I have this mustache, then?

Maybe you shouldn't be concerned at all because he is just happy with his gender and doesn't want to change. Also, having a penis is so much fun! Who'd want to lose that?


Kids will be kids..

Siblings will be siblings

Dick_diamond will be Dick_diamond. Am I doing this right?

It's the circle of life.. Or rather, the circle of gender...

Yeah, and I failed.

Being a girl is awesome though. Besides getting periods and pregnant. But everything else is awesome.

Elaborate please

How much more elaboration do you need?

I would like elaboration, as well... As far as I know, being a human in general sucks.

I think it's pretty awesome even with those aspects included

I would consider it awesome if I got pregnant. Also, your comment is a bit off become some women are not able to get pregnant. Some women don't get their period, either.

Boobs. They're your own personal funbags! :D

I can relate to that.

Girls are more emotional than guys. Our hormones are different. Our brains are different. It's scientifically proven. And I quote a friend of mine when we were talking about how much our lives suck being high school students: "Having a penis sucks, but having a vagina sucks even more." I have to admit, this probably sums up puberty, if you would like to be that generic to your kid(s).

So does that mean I'm not going to turn into a man on my 30th birthday? So why do I have this mustache, then?

When I was little I was convinced my aunt was actually a man because she had a lot of facial hair above her lips

Honestly, when my brother and I were kids, I would make him believe he was adopted about once a month, my parents told him it was fake every time but he would still believe it the next month. Kids are amazingly gullible, plus I don't think he was crying because he thought being a girl wasn't as good as being a boy, I really wouldn't like to wake up one day and realise I became a guy. Depending on how old your daughter is, I wouldn't be too hard on her, explain that what she said distraught her brother but that's it. While it's very important that parents should be honest with their children so they know they can trust them, I believe kids should sometimes be lied to by other people to learn not to blindly trust everyone

Your daughter is an evil genius

Maybe you shouldn't be concerned at all because he is just happy with his gender and doesn't want to change. Also, having a penis is so much fun! Who'd want to lose that?

That's what I was thinking. Be disappointed in your daughter for lying to her brother, not in your son for wanting to be a boy.

Oh I read it as he was crying because he wasn't going to turn into a girl when he turned 13.

I don't think so. It's says "I had to console by bawling son AND explain to him..." So I think that he was already crying before she explained it to him. So crying because he thought he'd turn into a girl. I don't get why op would be disappointed in her son though. He's only 6 and he trusts and believes his sister so it's understandable that he would believe her. A lot of kids have been told something similar and believed the lie and gone crying to their parents; it's fairly normal. I'd say be disappointed in the sister for being so mean to her brother (and have a talk with her about bugging her brother), but no reason to be disappointed in the 6 yr old son.

#6 Right? even Bruce Jenner kept his after saying "spank me hard and call me Caitlyn"

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Yeah, but he's just six, so there's still time for him to regain his masculinity by asserting that somebody isn't a real man/boy on the Internet. -_-

you do know not all boys have to be strong, there are some who can be sensitive and nervous.

0to100rq 6

#21 We call those pussies.

#28 we call guys like you assholes

#30 We call guys like you, "sensible human beings".

Riiiiiight, because men are emotionless -_-

At least he knows he has options.

Your daughter disappoints you more. Your son is six and doesn't know any better,cut him some slack.

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't get why the parent would be disappointed by the son's behaviour. Could anyone explain?

expertsmilee 26

Nope, no logical reasoning to have even the slightest inkling of disappointment in the 6 year old in this scenario.

Why would you be disappointed with your son? He's six years old. He doesn't think women as a whole are inferior to men; he just doesn't want to turn into one. I'm sure the idea of turning into a guy would be just as traumatizing to a six-year-old girl.

He probably does believe that. I live in one of the most gender equal countries in the world and I still have to convince four and five year old boys (I work with children) that no, boys are not better than girls and no, girls are not the worst. Children aren't blind, they are very aware of society's view on gender even if they don't understand it.

crazyindynathan 13

Boys think they are the best and girls think they are the best, at that age it's going reflect narcissism rather than "society's view on gender".

Haven't you ever heard the taunt Girls rule and boys drool? Or the song Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better? At a young age each gender thinks hey are better than the other.