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Today, MS Word kept crashing with a memory error, so I called tech support. Instead of actually fixing the problem, their tech wasted over an hour of my time defragmenting the hard drive, disabling the anti-virus, and downloading new video card drivers from some shady site, before giving up. FML
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I bet it went a little like this: Hello, my name is Peggy. Transfer? Transfer. Hello, my name is Peggy.

Epsilonyx 15

New video card driver for Word memory error? Sounds legit.


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I was sorry to see your comment. Smh...

What's wrong with their comment? They're showing sympathy to the OP and rightly do because their situation sucks.

People on fml like to see originality. There's only so many "sorry op" comments they can take.

Well the people who demand originality can shove it. Few words can say a lot. Original or not.

36 complains about people being inconsiderate after telling the same people to "shove it". Hmm...

Lol when that error pops up, all you have to do is restart. Always try restarting before you call tech support, because chances are, they're not gonna help you.

#82 the key words here are 'kept crashing' this implies multiple recurrences, therefore one can safely assume the OP has restarted at least a few times.

They're really better at providing moral support.

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But macs are not compatible with most games and software

And you can still run windows on a Mac for those programs.

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> don't like PC customer support > solution: run Windows on a Mac! yeah, that is totally going to make things better (actually, it's going to make it more likely that you have problems, and less likely that anyone can help you)

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New video card driver for Word memory error? Sounds legit.

You need better graphics for word. You know in case those words go wild :)

Fontbear (Pedobear's cousin): "To pixely"

I was unaware that Fontbear lived in Pixely. Or that there was a Pixely. Or a Fontbear. What the hell is wrong with you? xD

Wait a sec it took less than an hour to defrag your drive?

129 - I defragged mine ad it took about 20 minutes.

I bet it went a little like this: Hello, my name is Peggy. Transfer? Transfer. Hello, my name is Peggy.

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I totally read that in Peggy's voice!

It's my favorite commercial. I like to talk in the Peggy voice.

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The unintelligent need jobs too...

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That's actually pretty standard tech support advice. Except for the whole "giving up" part. To me, it sounds like either OP's RAM is broken or there's too many programs running in the background

Thinking the same thing. Most likely RAM. OP lets see you fix it. How do you know the site was shady.

Exactly. I love people who call tech support because they know nothing about computers, then complain about how the tech support person didn't know what they were doing. Right.. Based on your vast knowledge of computers ad your AOL email address.

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Most issues are from user error.

KVKdragon 26

That's not always true. My entire laptop hard drive failed for no reason at all and I didn't do anything to cause it. Had to pay to get a new one and have it installed.

KVKdragon, Mister_Triangle said 'most' problems are user error. And that's true.

Wow, where to begin? How about with all the users who tell the OP to get a Mac, take that to his WORKPLACE and that will solve the problem? Sure, it will solve the problem. By relieving the OP of his job. Or all the users who know nothing about computers but everything about tech support? Oh and OP, you're a user. F***ing users...

Over time hard drives die. If a magnet goes close, the hard drive is dead. If you nudge your laptop hard, your hard drive can die.

It's not 'not enough RAM' moron. It's because one of the RAM chips is going bad. smh

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Wow, you know more about this problem than the tech support guy!

If its going bad then it's obviously not being used so not enough ram.

#85 you haven't got the foggiest idea of how RAM works or even computers in general, do you?

50 000 points from Hufflepuff! There is a button for that!

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