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By  Meghan Rader  |  1

If you have a windows 10 computer, it wasn't her fault. They pushed an update that caused many of their laptops and pcs to blue screen. Not a virus, just windows 10. Call microsoft or take it to a geek place to fix.

By  davecross  |  11

The OP is not in IT people need to learn to read.

Anyway I hope you had most of your stuff backed up. I think you can restore it back to factory setting newer computer just let you do it if not just call up the computer company and they will charge you for the restore disks ( it was $20 when I had to do it). You best bet when you have your computer running again is you buy an external and set it to back your stuff up every day and then make set up 2 user accounts if you going to let your mom use it.

By  RichardPencil  |  30

I’m with Mom, she shouldn’t admit to downloading a virus. She downloaded something that appeared harmless that contained a virus unbeknownst to her.

Besides, the computer does not need to be replaced.

  Sinshine  |  27

Of course she didn't go "Hey let's go download a virus!" but if you're causing harm or damage, you have to take responsibility. Of course the computer won't have to be replaced and will most likely be perfectly fine after a format and reinstall but admitting mistakes and paying if op can't do it himself is the least thing she should do. Even if she hadn't taken it without permission.

  RichardPencil  |  30

I’d agree that she should pay for a repair.

It’s difficult to get your mother to feel a sense of obligation. She can always pull out the “I pushed you out my vagina and fed you from my tits” card.

By  GamerChickxoxo  |  16

blue screen could mean alot of things could be a hardware or software problem, try removing the hdd or ssd, hooking it up to a desktop or laptop and formatting the drive then installing windows, or disconnect the hdd/ssd in the computer and boot it with a usb drive that has linux on it. The computer may be fixable, altho if she dropped it or spilled water on it it would be another story.
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