By soso - 13/05/2012 21:26 - Sweden

Today, my boyfriend of two years logged into my Facebook account and broke up with himself. He is now receiving loads of sympathy, while I'm being accused of lying about it to save my reputation. FML
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MeLuvBewbs 7

Go on Facebook and say your pregnant. I bet you'll receive alot of sympathy

Log into his Facebook and piss off all those who gave him sympathy


zumiez069 5
FMLandurstoo 9

Because he's an asshole trying to blame his ex for being the asshole.

It says her "boyfriend" not ex boyfriend

I think it's safe to assume they're exes now.

23 oh cool, it does say her boyfriend. Ignoring the fact that the boyfriend broke up with her, himself, or whatever, that mist mean that we cannot assume they are exes and must say they are still together.

soldiat_fml 17

She's probably still reeling from the underhanded breakup to consider him an ex, while the (ex) bf probably sees her as an ex.

Because you are what you eat. If this saying is true, then he must eat a lot of dick

MeLuvBewbs 7

Go on Facebook and say your pregnant. I bet you'll receive alot of sympathy

Or thousands of ***** jokes and comments, as well as being branded an attention ***** once the truth comes out.

You'll also receive a letter from a doctor, advising you to check into a mental hospital. Faking pregnancy is not what normal, functioning people do.

19 - I would like to agree with you... But so many women do it. It's crazy!

phantumgrey 6

112- and no body claim woman are or can be normal functioning people. Not all but most women are batshit crazy.

xlasernoobsx 0

Four women do not like your comment.

Log into his Facebook and piss off all those who gave him sympathy

Or you could just log into his and write what REALLY happened. Btw your picture scarred me for life?

That guy is a genius, yet he's still a massive dick.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

Is he a genius for being able to log into someone elses Facebook? Because I don't see any "genius" in this FML.

No he's a genius for thinking of such a thing, instead of breaking up with her directly and probably get shitted on by all of her friends, he made it seem like she dumped him. Yet at the same time that was a dick move.

CaramelMacchiato 13

Why does breaking up with someone make that person an asshole? People don't know why people break up, and it isn't any of their business to know in the first place.

tifani322 13
MrBrightside21 20

45 - That's not what your mother said last night, Trebek.

#29, I know what you mean, my now ex girlfriend broke up with me, and she a shit load of sympathy. And I was branded an ass by her friends, and I did absolutely nothing wrong. I even asked het what I might have done, and she told me that I did nothing wrong. Not sure if I beleive her though. Either way, I was confused

ifailplzinsultme 0

76- Happened to me too. Guys are just naturally branded as dicks.

born_hustla 26

Last I check, she liked a massive dick!

No, he's an ahole for making it seem like she was the jerk when she had no intention of breaking up, but he did. He just wanted sympathy.

That just proves that relationship would've gone to shit anyway.

Back in my day, we had secure passwords. It's still awful though :(

I'm assuming OP trusted her boyfriend with her password or as you said, had an easy-to-guess password.

kickuwithmyfist 1

Annie Are You OK? So, Annie Are You OK Are You OK, Annie

soldiat_fml 17

Oh my god, now I have the cover by Alien Ant Farm stuck in my head.

kickuwithmyfist 1

You've been hit by (dun dun) You've been hit by (dun) A smooth criminal :) You know we never found out if Annie was okay. It's been 25 years and there's still no confirmation. :P

78- Alien Ant Farm is a band who created a rock cover of Smooth Criminal.

kickuwithmyfist 1

99- it was a I know that song by Michael Jackson aka king of pop, not from the one hit wonder band that covered it :D

1. That makes no sense whatsoever. 2. Go away.

daringtoride 27

Lol. 10 means OP's boyfriend didn't have the balls to break up with her face to face, I think. Ex-boyfriend now, I suppose?

sillycart 9

Maybe he is depressed and needs to know that people care.

That's no excuse. I suffer from depression and would never think of pulling something like that.

Depression does not make you a dick. People just use depression as an excuse to make dick moves like the one in the FML. Its inventive, but still a seriously dickish move to pull. The guy shoulda had the balls to break up with OP to her face. OP, FYL

soldiat_fml 17

Right...because being depressed and being a dick are obviously synonymous.

So what, now all depressed people are completely the same and have the same moral values? If you're mentally unstable, you're likely to do some pretty weird shit. But that depends on the level of your instability, I guess. Which is why I don't think he is depressed. Just a smart man, and a bit of an asshole.

TheFamilyElf 17

Then log onto his Facebook and post a confession of the long list of STDs he has. I mean, I guess it doesn't really help your situation, but it'll be nice to watch and laugh while he's single for the rest of his days...

I'd be careful about that one. People will likely think OP also has some of those, and consequently, OP may also be single for the rest of her life.

Or someone may assume that it wasn't him who posted it as posting a list of one's own STD's is not commonly done.