By millavitsa - 03/01/2013 22:36 - Ukraine

Today, my mom asked me why MS Word keeps underlining some words. After I tried to convince her that you're supposed to put a space after commas, she started yelling at me for making her look stupid. I can never win. FML
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You do put a space after a comma. But you never put a comma after a space.

Did she bitch you out in one long run-on sentence?


You do put a space after a comma. But you never put a comma after a space.

Grammar nazi's everywhere will soon be in love with you, you have given them a motto to live by.

You,my good sir,are correct.

Wait ,you mean I'm not doing it right , my whole life has been a lie!

Actually 56- I believe that is supposed to be a semi-colon...

Pesky MS word thinking it knows everything.

Mom is always right... cept when she is wrong... then you make sure she sounds right.

And if you can't make her sound right, then you're wrong, which makes her right, and you'll always still be wrong.

Did she bitch you out in one long run-on sentence?

Yeah, and she didn't pause after her verbal commas.

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Don't take it so hard. I'm sure in a few years you will be able to come up with something interesting to say.

We can't all be Carrot Tops.

Get a book, and then get her to read a page = problem solved! :D

Assuming she has reading comprehension that has advanced beyond books with pictures. I have to wonder how someone never got through her head that one very basic fact of punctuation.

Wow,your mom is a dumbass,in fact,I'd say she's absolutely incompetent. I mean,who doesn't know that?

1215116a 14

^ Ahem. I believe this person attempted to pull something called a "joke".

14- I realized that not long after commenting. Thumb me down all y'all want

Oh the truth comes out. Daddy didn't marry mommy for her brains.

Well my dad is almost like this but it's just that he's stubborn and foreign he knows some English but occasionally doubts what I tell him is right or wrong.

Space after commas is inefficient,don't you think?

Yeah,It's a waste of space!

Somebody is a computer programmer....

Tell her it's not you making her look stupid, but Bill Gates.

Bill Gates didn't invent grammar or spellcheck...

What?! No, he totally did. Bill Gates invented everything.

Your father married Miss Right without knowing her first name - Always.

No, Bill Gates is making her look stupid. If you don't want to put a space after comma, that's your business.