By rebeccaremily - 04/10/2009 07:03 - Canada

Today, my computer stopped working. Me, the technology challenged one, decided to do a system recovery on it hoping that I could make it better. Turns out, system recovery means deleting all the files off the computer including family photos, music and assignments and starting fresh. FML
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YOU NEVER PUSH BUTTONS WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHAT IT WILL DO! Crap! That is one of the first lessons you learn as a child! Didn't your mom tell you not to touch things that you don't know about? Did you not pay attention?


leave it alone man..



leave it alone man..

KNOWING that you're technology challenged, you decided to mess with a computer without backing up anything beforehand. Makes sense...

If what you did was Windows System Restore, that's reversible. Reverse it before it's too late. Even otherwise, you may be able to use some data recovery software to recover your files, but act fast before the data gets overwritten with something else.

It informs you that you are erasing everything. YDI. You're not just technologically challenged.

wow your really stupid system recovery has nothing at all to do with deleting everything on your computer you formatted your hard drive because you don't know how to use a computer

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it fucking tells you what it does when you try to do a system recovery. it says it deletes everything. so unless you can't fucking read, or are just fucking retarded, i'm thinking this is fake.

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YDI for not backing it up

I think you're just challenged.

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Agree with #42. System Restore does not make you "start over from scratch", that's a hard drive reformat. YDI for mixing the two up. And for during the format, ignoring the popup from the Windows disc that told you your info would be erased. a douche bag wow...give the guy a break, dont tell me u havent dont anything stupid before. I can already tell that u have by your name; fosizzlemynizzlE....seriously? what are you, a 12 year old kid thinking he is a tough gangster? grow up

She's not only TECHNOLOGICALLY challenged, she's also grammatically challenged. Hey op, you know those things you couldn't understand because "jigging skool is t3h l33tzors", yeah, well THEY WERE MOTHERFUCKING WARNINGS. Actually, writing this message to the op seems redundant seeing she might not be able to read this.

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Hey #79 - OP said nothing about System Restore, idiot. She said recovery, which DOES format the drive. Stop chiding people for things you have no understanding of. OP - I hope you learned a lesson.

Real smart einstien.

"me decided to do system recovery"... nice grammar

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No shit, sherlock

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FYL i did the same thing before next time ask someone?

YOU NEVER PUSH BUTTONS WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW FOR SURE WHAT IT WILL DO! Crap! That is one of the first lessons you learn as a child! Didn't your mom tell you not to touch things that you don't know about? Did you not pay attention?

I hope you know that if you have a vista, you can undo a system restore...

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Not system restore, RECOVERY. As in, wipe the hard drive clean. OP: take the computer to a computer repair shop. DO NOT SAVE ANYTHING ON THE COMPUTER. They may be able to bring everything back. Next time... read what the damn program does.

Yeah, but the issue isn't that the OP did a system restore. She did a system RECOVERY.

LOL This once again proves te total awareness windows has about it's sucky os. undo system recovery = Windows re-crashing your pc

144 no this showcases the fact that Windows knows it has a bunch of users who don't know what they're doing

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That's the first thing you think to do when your computer breaks? I'm surprised you even manage to get out of bed and feed yourself.

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worst and best part... the reason it stopped working was probably something very easy to fix. probably even a restart or shut down. yet, for some reason, people who know nothing about computers always try to fix the problem themselves, and screw it up. good job.

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NOOB!!! lol

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First, it's technologically challenged, not technology challenged. Second, why would you try to solve the problem yourself? Why wouldn't you call someone who actually would have known what they were doing?

... No. First, it's "I", not "me". Second, it's "technologically challenged", not "technology challenged". How did you catch that, but not "me tried to fix it"?

I don't think that's very fair to judge really. No they're not technologically savy but when you see the word 'recovery' over 'restore', it can be just confusing. People make stupid mistakes, I'm sure you've done the same. And the whole "I'm surprised you even manage to get out of bed and feed yourself" is the most stupidest comparison. There once was a time where computers DID not exist and people actually survived.

i actually thought the OP meant "system restore." but then, i consider myself fairly computer literate, and when i have (serious) problems i STILL take my computer to my dad rather than trying to fix them myself. i would never attempt to fix something i know next to nothing about.

If you don't know, you shouldn't touch it. You have sympathy? And if she didn't want negative comments, then she should not have posted on a site that will surly rip on you.

You, sir, are an idiot. First of all "most stupidest" is a double superlative, and therefore highly redundant and idiotic. Second of all, He wasn't saying that the OP can't live without a computer, he was calling the OP stupid. Third of all, learn to spell.

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#41 - major ownage. Props.