By unemployed and bereaved - 25/11/2013 05:03 - United Kingdom

Today, my boss claimed that I've been lying to get days off because apparently nobody can be so unlucky as to have three family members die within a month. I'm just that unlucky, and suspended. FML
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Just show him their death certificates, that'll shut him up. I'm sorry for your loss. All of them.


vencku 13

On the other hand, it is fairly uncommon to have people from one family die within weeks of each other (unless their deaths are related). I can understand why his boss thought his leg was being pulled. He could have looked into it first before making accusations, but his doubt is not that odd.

True but he shouldn't conclude that he's lying and then suspend him. Hence why he's an insensitive asshole. If he were a bit more compassionate he'd ask for some proof, like death certificate or confirmation from a close relative. Most people aren't morbid enough to lie about a death in the family just to have the day off, he could have just given him the benefit of the doubt..

Gingerette 8

I have actually had the same eventuality. My cousin, an aunt, and another distant cousin all died within the same two week period, and each death was unrelated. Stranger things have happened.

Actually there are people out there morbid enough to lie about a death or serious illness to get off work/school. Usually an aunt or grandparent are the ones who have the illness or die in those situations. Anyway, its not right that your boss did that, OP. If he thought you were lying, there are other ways to handle it rather than suspend you. Sorry for your loss.

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But all this could have been proved with obituaries and the funeral programs. I think the boss is an insensitive asshole. Sorry for your many losses OP & I pray you find a better job with a more caring boss.

I've also realised now that OP is a female... I did say he and him. Sorry OP! And so sorry for your losses.

OP's boss could have won the lottery. He'd think that everybody's that lucky.

perdix 29

He's probably scared that you might be a serial killer.

would you want to piss off someone you thought was a serial killer though? it seems counter-productive to living long and prospering

perdix 29

#18, a valid point, indeed, but would you want to be working side-by-side with someone who has already murdered three people this month? My suggestion gives the OP the motive to murder the boss, but yours gives him the opportunity. Either course has its pitfall.

Aaaand it turned into a discussion about murder.

Just show him their death certificates, that'll shut him up. I'm sorry for your loss. All of them.

Lost time compensation and emotional distress

Wrongful suspension. You people need to read more... And FML doesn't count...

@46 The answer to every wrong is not to sue. If op gets the job back and any record is erased from op's file, then why sue?

HJKM_fml 19

As long as you can show proof they should undo the suspension. If your boss is still acting like a Dill hole after that, then go to HR with your proof. Also, I'm sorry for your losses.

Because of possible lost wages. OP has had a rough enough time, she shouldn't have to deal with days/weeks without compensation as well. Unsure if it's suspension with or without pay though, obviously. Sorry for your losses OP.

Scynistr 20

I agree.. And if you couldn't make a bill because you were suspended.. Sue them for damages.

jarockstar27 10

And after showing the death certificates ask not only for the wages missed during the suspension but extra as well!!! Jerk...

Report him. Also sorry for your losses OP.

Trickiest_K 9

Bring in the three death certificates and show them to HIS boss.

How insensitive of him. Sorry for your losses OP, maybe try to prove to him that you weren't lying.

Thats insensitive, maybe you don't need to work for a guy like that. No need to prove to him, just walk away.