By ambermcnulty - 05/01/2010 02:27 - France

Today, it was the first time my boyfriend saw me naked. He grabbed my breasts and began to sing, "I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts." He's 22. FML
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Boys are men from the day they're born, and men are boys until the day they die.

that's kinda funny I'm sorry


Boys are men from the day they're born, and men are boys until the day they die.

Well said!

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ha ha

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Girls don't understand guys... and guys don't understand girls. >__<

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117, pigs are very intelligent animals... But nothing compares to the aardvark. FYI.

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everyones a kid on the inside!! but your boyfriend has inspired me to get that song on my iPod. thanks!! :D

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not all, and i do find this fml to be extremely hilarious.

how do you spot a feminist at a dinner party? Don't worry, they'll tell you.

if they as big as coconuts then damn that guy is lucky

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Ikr, I'd feel honored!

that's kinda funny I'm sorry

Yeah, half the male population of the world would do that if they were with some " Big Kahonas"

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hahaha why fyl? i think it's cute how retarded our boys are sometimes.

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Yea #6 i agree. Some girls complain about everything dammn. Its like their dead serious about everything :O

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he has a sense of humor. he's a keeper!

Best boyfriend ever.

My girl thinks it's hilarious.