By lolographic24 - Norway
Today, it was my turn to take out the trash. While walking to the dumpster, I slip and fall. It doesn't really hurt, so I get up and go to the dumpster, but the top is frozen stuck. It won't budge. Then I really pull with a lot of force, and the lid swings open and busts my nose. FML
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  Fop  |  6

I'm from Norway and I don't mess up tenses. Norwegian and English are so similar that there's really no excuse to not speak fluent English if you're Norwegian.

  Ajjas013  |  6

A helmet for his nose?

  skyshark  |  0

@11, the moment he started typing was after he busted his nose. Hence he couldn't type about busting his nose if he didn't know hecwas going to do it yet.