By raz_berri93 - United States - Los Angeles
Today, I tried to storm out of the room during an argument, but walked face-first into our closed sliding glass door. My boyfriend laughed so hard that he had to sit down. Later, we noticed the nose mark I left. He won't let me clean it, because he wants to show it to everyone. FML
raz_berri93 tells us more :
I just wanted to clarify that later he felt bad and asked if I was fine, which I was. I also laughed at my clumsiness... I was even the one to close that door! Oops. I cleaned the mark (which he hasn't come home to see yet) and there is no violence... It's a funny story within our families now since I'm actually well known to be clumsy!
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By  SexyQueen0905  |  24

Ahh, the botched dramatic exit. On the bright side, that always ends the argument. If it bothers you that much, which it shouldn't, "accidentally" walk into it again and wipe it with your finger. Problem solved.