By Anonymous - 09/08/2012 14:26 - United States

Today, my dog farted so loud in his sleep that he scared himself and woke up barking. This afternoon I achieved the same feat. FML
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Congratulations on the only comment of this type to get thumbed up. (so far) haha. I'm thinking he woke him and the dog up and the dog barked. Or OP woke up barking. Either way it's funny.

JKr3slEMO 5

Wait what...? it ISN'T normal to wake up barking? oh..

Fatalally 4

Am I the only one that thought of family guy when I read this? (Brian farts himself awake)

I was going to say the same thing. Damn you

MassiveBerry 9

You woke up barking? That's pretty impressive.

Shouldn't of added the really impressive bit

Shouldn't have* added the incorrect use of "of".

Shouldn't have used you enter key randomly while posting just one sentence.

Wow, I was beaten out by 2 people **crawls under rock and thumbs down my own comment**

No need to get down on yourself, Patrick Star.

Yeah man. Getting down on yourself. That's just gross.

Rather than saying "Lololol see wat u did thr", to you, I'd say "**** you and your un-clever shit sense of humor."

#7, Only by a second. Chin up, in the Olympics this would get you a bronze medal. (And congrats on getting your FML posted.)

Damn I thought I was the first comment.. I guess 3 others posted the same shit while I was typing :/

Ashley0911 8

Hopefully, your just a light sleeper.

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It took a really loud fart!

You're not supposed to have a comma after hopefully.

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92- Either way is correct. The comma just demonstrates a slight pause.

Or did you scare the dog and IT woke up barking

I've done that before too. I like to tell myself it was just a dream.

I thought it was the pets who are supposed to take after their owners.

skyeyez9 24

It is...OP's dog does the same thing.

As everyone else said and was probably thinking, OP said he barked when he woke up.. That would be something an owner would get from the pet, not the other way around.. So that is probably what IDontWanna69 was talking about.

KiiwiiRox 6

That's rather disturbing. And kinda funny in a weird way. I hope you didn't shart yourself.