By whoops - 29/06/2014 20:37 - United States - Hicksville

Today, my mom told me to take out the trash. I thought it would be a good idea to Hulk-smash it into the can. I missed. The bag ripped and garbage flew everywhere. FML
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Hulk miss, hulk mad, hulk sad.

In what universe was that a good idea?


clean it up then

Agreed, and OP has no one to blame but himself. This is the definition of YDI.

Animekid126 13

What do you think they did before they posted this? ....

emily4040 18

One question. Why?

jad0016 12

You should leave the hulk smashing to the hulk

loooloool 13

Why not?

15, I think the garbage everywhere is why not.

Sometimes we just have to try to be a little bit of awesome. If he would have succeeded it would have been pretty cool.

One question. Why not?

In what universe was that a good idea?

In the marvel universe!!

In a teenage male's universe it makes plenty of sense. (I'm guessing he is teenager, because it is something I would do)

You must learn to control your hulk smash

Calm down Bruce Banner

Hulk miss, hulk mad, hulk sad.

I mean, how do you miss a trash can?

Can't you read? Hulk miss.

someone forgot to take their Ritalin this morning.

When I don't take my ADHD medication, I too turn into the Hulk.

SemiAuto 21

Probably wasn't the best idea.

Steve95401 49

Yeah? No shit!

DaMann360 19

I did that once... Not really. I like to do things in the most laziest way possible