By ositsranielle - 13/02/2010 17:32 - United States

Today, while I was painting, my little nephew came in and started watching me. I left to clean my brushes. When I came back into the room, my nephew had spilled paint all over the carpet making a rainbow. It took me 5 hours to clean it up. FML
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brilliant idea. let's leave paint in the hands of a child.


YDI. Should have kept a better eye on him. You really are stupid.

why didn't you cover the carpet before you started painting?

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causese probly has enough experience whith painting she thought she wouldn't spill it

dumbass. if you saw him there you should have put him out of the room. never trust the little ones -_-

lol, they sure will. To think that women are calling ChaCha all the time asking "When am I ovulating?" "When am I fertile?" "How soon after sex can I tell if I'm pregnant?" "What's the best way to become pregnant?!" They want children badly and you can see from their call history that this is pretty much all they've been asking about over and over and over and over. Geez. Guess, they'll all have their little 'artists' at that rate. :p

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my nephew did the same. I got two words for you. three blind mice. nuff said. ~yur welcome!

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Something that should have happened to every dumbass child out there. Children four and up should be able to tell from right to wrong. Spanking isn't enough for the troubled cause by your nephew~

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hung drawn and quartered, anyone?

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Only a fricken retard would leave a kid alone with some paint,especially after he watched what you were doing with said paint! Y totally DI!!

YDI for not taking the paint with you...

"let me just take over 5 cans of paint wirh me while i go clean my brushes!" no, but its still a YDI

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ydi for not cleaning up around ur "little nephew"

brilliant idea. let's leave paint in the hands of a child.

It's how all the modern artists made their money.

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LoL, I thought it meant You Damn Idiot, but heck, yoy deserved it does make more sense!

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haha you shouldve made him taste the rainbow >:)