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  White667  |  0

Well, why did she? They obviously got there fine enough drunk, and you don't need to get back home as you're already there. So can't you just drink at home instead of going out?

  callargh  |  0

It's less about the drinking and more about being able to buy the alcohol yourself. Kind of like how you've probably already been driving when you get your license, but the license makes it official.


god #56 i totally agree, when you reach the age of 21 you realize that there are far more important things in you're life than getting shitty drunk. Instead the OP should make his friends all kick in 10 or 20 bucks for a big sack of weed and the OP should get stoned and drive because as of yet in my state at least they can't even do roadside tests for pot so if you can just act sober they cant touch you. At least thats what i got from your post and i agree 100% binge drinking is childish

  fili450r  |  0

hell, i was driving when i was 8 years old...25 min drive homes cause my older brother wanted to drink.....thats what i like bout bein half drinkin age over there!!!!! hehe.

  Tomer06  |  0

You're only 21 once, watching all your friends get drunk while you stay sober is surely reason enough to pay for one? Plus if you all pay towards a taxi it isn't really expensive at all now is it? Douchebag!