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the definition of karma is basically the principle of cause and effect. This is going by the definition and etymology (sp?) of the word and ignoring the fact it is indeed a Hindu term. People talk like using karma in the slang kinda way is incorrect but it honestly makes perfect sense and it certainly isn't wrong! and it's not even disrespecting Hinduism either...

By  StormfrontX33_fml  |  24

Congratulations on reaching a milestone on your life. As I've mentioned before, and damn there have been a lot of birthday fmls lately, that you are never truly alone. Some of us in this community can genuinely relate to you, and hope that there is better yet for you to come. Just a thought, but maybe, you should take a look at who you surround yourself with. I myself have very few friends. Those who I consider them to be my friends are around and supportive. I don't understand the fad of having as many "friends" as possible, when push comes to shove, they wouldn't move an inch for you.

By  TheFireEternal  |  26

oops I accidentally clicked YDI, but I evened it out with a FYL. Sorry. Clumsy fat fingers.
The same thing happened to me. We can be friends OP. I'll come to your parties.

  Kitten_love  |  22

Me too! I actually live in Illinois. All my friends moved away for one reason or another recently, so I'm a bit lonely. If you wanna be friends, just message me!