By Tourist - 26/03/2009 07:19 - United States

Today, while at the Golden Gate Bridge, I spotted a large group of Asians trying to take a picture. Trying to help, I slowly say, "You... want me... take picture?" while using hand motions. The man looks at me and says, "No thanks asshole, I got it," in plain English. FML
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ArbiterOfFML 24

more like of his life cause of racist pricks like you


ArbiterOfFML 24

more like of his life cause of racist pricks like you

sammypooface 11

Try not to be so ignorant next time!

InfiniteSecret 20

You 100% deserve this for big such an asshole racist

you cant assume that people dont know more than one language. i know spanish and german. i know that not many americans can learn more than one language because they choose not to or they dont have the brain capacity to do it. just because you dont think you can learn another language doesnt mean that other people cant.

emilee.grace 1

yall.. she was just trying to help. She assumed they didnt know english. Just because of a little mistake, doesnt mean she's racist

Dandyboi 7

Exactly! Are we the only ones who understand??

@Dandyboi - Racists would understand.

Elisabetha Aarron 18

If they didn't speak English you speaking slowly wouldn't make them magically understand you.

Farmer1995 4

I wouldn't say racist..... definitely offensive.