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Today, I threw a birthday party for my boyfriend. As a joke, my friend and I served him non-alcoholic beer to see how he'd react. After a while, he faked being drunk, using it as an excuse after I caught him making out with one of my so-called "friends". FML
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Classy. Some people are just incredible.

It sucks that the joke back-fired. Drop them both.


Classy. Some people are just incredible.

Even without looking at the picture, the sarcasm is obvious :p

"I can't help it that I made out with your friend, I was fake drunk!"

It sucks that the joke back-fired. Drop them both.

gloooooria 14

But at least now you know what kind of boyfriend and friend you have.

OOPS I think you accidentally replied to a comment instead of simply posting it. 2 doesn't have anything to do with what you just said! Better delete and write it in an appropriate space. ( and not ride on someone else's coattails in order to move your dumb comment higher up on the page)

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Actually 39, my comment has everything to do with it. Maybe you just don't understand. If you would have liked me to explain, you should have just asked instead of trying to call me out. But now I know why you commented on the comment.

39 OOPS I think you accidentally called someone out for something they didn't deserve being called out on, because it isn't true. I'll say it again, if you're going to come off as a pompous ass and spend an entire comment correcting someone, you had better be right.

Your comment is talking to 2 as if they were the one that wrote the fml and they did not. You can deny it all you want but you obviously only replied to them to get your comment higher up in the post. Everyone is only mad because they all do the same thing and are mad someone finally realized it.

gloooooria 14

I see what you're trying to say. Because I said the word you, YOU think I was talking to 2. You're still wrong. I was in fact talking to OP and was agreeing with what 2 said but added to it. And if you think I commented to move up in the posts or whatever you said, then that's on you. But can we just stick to commenting on the post? OP- hope your day has gotten better!

59, I'm afraid you've contracted a severe strain of V. Doucheitis. I'm very sorry to tell you this, but there's no known cure. There are several options for managing the symptoms, however. The most effective is wiring your jaw shut and removing access to the Internet, as both speaking and typing will exacerbate the condition. On another note, OP, I hope you don't let yourself get treated like this by those two ever again... Kick em to the curb!

who the heck are you? i wasnt even talking to you... besides, everything i said is true and youare the one barging into other people's affairs.

65- Sadly, that is the case. Just look at yourself for example: you've been given multiple valid opposing arguements, and yet you keep giving the same sad excuse. You're just digging your hole deeper and deeper. On a different note, #2 is right, but don't just drop them OP, slam them violently into the earth.

WHO ARE YOU? LITERALLY no one asked for your opinion

68, fortunately, few people actually give a damn about comment numbers on this site, so feel free to take your crap elsewhere. Thanks.

please stop talking to me with your irrelevant opinions

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#78 Please stop embarrassing yourself.

#78 I don't know you but I read your ridiculous comments and I seriously just want to punch you, right in your face! Grow up and SHUT UP

I don't think the joke backfired. You saved yourself a lot of heartache and time. I'd love to see the look on his face when you tell him.

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Imagine what he would've done if it was real beer..

Yeah. He needs to come up with better excuses. But either way, he's still a dumbass.

Better to find out sooner than later down the road when you are more committed though :/

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Yeah, because I get high off my imaginary cocaine and wasted on my water.

can you show me how to do that, because i only know how to pretend that mosh is weed to get really fake high

I agree with ishah, it has been proven with a study that non-alcoholic beer has a tremendous placebo effect and most people react drunk.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Placebo is a very strange thing. We did this to our friend one day, I believe it was Canada Dry actually, and his "drunk" ass wrecked his atv.

Fooling the mind into thinking you're drunk is the whole reason non-alcoholic beer was invented in the first place.

I agree on both sides, yes being drunk is never an excuse, but the placebo effect is proven, hence the tests with medication people still claim certain side effects even after just swallowing a sugar casing. You shouldn't really complain about faking when it happens to be your placebo.

Ins0mau 20

Whoops. Posted in wrong spot.

are you sure it was his drunk ass that wrecked the ATV and not his dumb ass?

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That's just plain ridiculous. You deserve better!

Neither of them deserved your trust. Kick them to the kerb OP

What a turd waffle. You deserve someone better.

At least your joke made you see what type of bf you had. I'm so sorry to hear that OP. Hope you find someone better

dontpanic_fml 32

Why would he fake being drunk? You are the one who served him non alcoholic beer. If he faked it how would he think that you would think he was really drunk? Have you never heard of the power I suggestion? Regardless there's no excuse for what he did.

He didn't know it was non-alcoholic. He thought he was drinking alcohol and was convinced he was drunk, or he just pretended.

Apparently, some people have never heard of placebo effect.

dontpanic_fml 32

I'm so confused as you just reiterated my point, bluehero...the OP implies that the boyfriend made a conscious decision to fake something but what I am saying is that if the boyfriend thought that the beer was real he would NOT BE FAKING anything. This is one of those majority stupid-ass commenter threads (that was not directed at you bluehero). Apparently not Q10, and I'm just wondering why you are getting upvoted and that other guy and I got buried. Is it totally that hard for the commenters to wrap their minds around what we are saying?

dontpanic_fml 32

And to finish what I was saying in my first paragraph, he either thought he was drunk for real, or he was faking it which would NOT MAKE SENSE because the OP provided the drinks and how would he fool someone who knew the beer was non alcoholic?

@dontpanic, it took me a while to understand why you didn't understand, but I think I see where your concern is. when OP says that the boyfriend "faked" being drunk, it means that the boyfriend believes that he is indeed drunk, despite the contrary, and no he was not in on the joke.

Oh my goodness I have no idea what you're trying to say. It's not that difficult to understand. Her boyfriend HAD NO IDEA he was drinking a non alcoholic beverage. He thought it was alcoholic. He's obviously one of those people who want to put in a little faking that they're drunk to look cool or whatever. He then began making out with a "friend" of hers and planned on blaming it on the alcohol. He only thought he was drunk and probably convinced himself he was. I don't even know if I made sense here but whatever..

I totally get you. I thought the same but didn't think much about it 'cause it'll just make me more confused but I do understand the FML. The issue here is the fact that OP used the word "faked", right? #55 explains it well. Her boyfriend was convinced he was drunk so you can't really say he made a conscious decision to fake drunk even though he is.

Ins0mau 20

You can drink a bit of beer and not get drunk sometimes. Hence, he could still be faking getting drunk even if he thought it was real beer.

dontpanic_fml 32

Thank you to the kind commenters...I guess the confusion here is regarding the coincidence that the boyfriend faked being drunk and the beer also happened to be non alcoholic. Whatever. All of you were saying exactly what I was saying but apparently there's some disconnect.

So uh, let's hope you are single and one friend less than before.

TheVoicesTalk 3

OUCH! I think it's time to re-evaluate your relationship, OP. The placebo effect was in full swing that night.

And relationship. It takes two to cheat...

I think 21 meant it takes two to cheat by meaning the person in the relationship cheating and the person they were cheating with. That's my guess though!

if he would do this while you we're there. Then Imagine the amount of time, he would have cheated on you behind your back. Kick both of them to the curb.

It's just so........GAAAAAAAAAH! My inner Grammar Nazi is getting tortured over here.