By fired101 - 08/02/2010 06:04 - France

Today, it was my first day of work at a very high end company. While delivering coffee to my boss, I set it down on the edge of a magazine, where it spilled over, into his crotch. FML
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Did you offer to wipe it up? If you did it well enough, a promotion could've been in store for you.

Maybe he asked for a lappuccino?


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Why put it down there? it was likely that that would happen..

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just suck it off. have a little faith, you were hired for a reason girl!

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just lick it off his crotch u might even get a promotion

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Was "proceeded" necessary?

classic fail

fhl: f his life

op that happened to someone I know in school at lunch only with water. I laughed

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nobody cares that u were second

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wow guess that was your first and last day working with that company

Ouch! The same thing happened to me a few years ago. I got a new manager and we met at a coffee shop for an informal introduction. We sat down with our coffees and mine tipped over with everything pouring straight into his lap. We never did get along after that...

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In his crotch...? Don't you mean on? Because if it went in his crotch that would have been something. Considering he's a guy. I mean, where would it go in...?

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Also, what do you mean, "On the edge on a magazine." Huh? I'm sorry, but it wouldn't make any sense to put coffee cup on a magazine. It should go on a table. Because that's safter. Maybe even on a coaster? (;

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the penis hole. duh.

im sorry but... 7.. did u just say "safter"?

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Crap! I hate typos... safer**

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"Penis hole." Ha. Wow. You don't seem to see my point.

12, I think he'd have pants on and some sort of underwear.

They said "into his crotch", not "in his crotch". As in, "I ran into someone", not "I ran in someone". Different meaning. Maybe you should get your eyes checked.

Did you offer to wipe it up? If you did it well enough, a promotion could've been in store for you.

Lol Soooo true Haha !

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You just wanted to wipe his crotch with your hankerchief

OW I kno that hurts