By cachucy - 18/03/2012 15:04 - United States - Geneva

Today, I was walking to a café with my soon-to-be boss. While crossing a busy street, I slipped in a puddle and accidentally grabbed his junk to catch myself. FML
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Nice catch.

He must be hung like an anaconda for you to catch that. I see some late nights at the office in your future.


Nice catch.

Sure, you "accidentally" grabbed his crotch - I see what you did.

Does this not seem like more if an FML for the guy who got his junk crushed by a death grip from a falling person?

I want to see how many dislikes I can ge for that comment lol

53 how is she a slut???

Yeah, I bet OP even showers naked too, what a disgusting pervert.

Who said OP's a girl?

I agree! Perhaps we sense a raise in your near future?! ;)

Wow, that must've been hard. Lol I laugh at my own joke.

You gave him a raise, now he should give you one.

Nice boobage NinjaCat...

Ummm would you like me to compliment you too 104?? Hmmm okay nice red hair 104. :)

The boss probably thinks so.

Hahaha am I the only one wondering what happened next??

I guess you can say you... *puts on sunglasses* Gave him a raise.

Your 6-month plan to get your the boss on your side worked. After months of organization, the Fake-a-fall-and-grab-at-junk plan finally came through for you. Mission success.

She's got the magic stick

Bow Chika Wow Wow.....

No pay raise if OP is a girl

*i mean guy haha total space cadet moment

^this is the result of a fool trying to write a troll #1 comment.

I see a promotion in the near future;)

^and this is the result of someone trying to thread jack

By commenting? Of course.

The stupidity of some people smh! -.-

You thread jack through commenting... How else would you do it? Ugh, some people.

wow ur sure enough to get tha job now! :D

Why are people threadjacking the thread concerning threadjacking?

Dishes taste like pineapple.

Disregard this comment. It's been typed in invisible text.

Still can't see it....

This thread is now turtles. Discuss.

fuck yo turtles t(-.-t)

You needed a walking stick.

Or he found one, which is worse

Why, 14? Nothing implies the sexual identity, orientation nor preference of the two people spoken.

Maybe OP needs a walking frame, they don't make walking sticks like they used to!

81 - you haven't been out much have u

81- youre trying too hard

Well 81, you idiot, by saying "...grabbed his junk..." it automatically implies that one of the two is a male. In case you still can't figure it out- "his" refers to a male.

Also, grabbing a female junk while falling is slightly, slightly impossiburu.

more like a walking dick

You wanted it! (;

Obviously not if she's writing the FML.

^ it's called a joke

Oh... Yeah... A joke... Lol

You're sure to get the job now!

Well he already unintentionally gave his soon-to-be boss a "job", so it only makes sense to repay the favor ;).

She's getting the job and their both getting a raise! Ba dum chshh

...Unless OP's a guy, turning this into a whole different situation.

71, its they're. ba dum crash

Dammit! But for the record I can distinguish between the different "there's." If I noticed the mistake I would have fixed it. Nevertheless I must resign from my previous role as a grammar nazi.

I want to thin up this comment but it's at 69 thumbs up and I don't want to ruin it.

Whatcha gonna do with all that junk, all that junk inside that trunk...

Don't know how I missed the word "junk" in the fml

Imma imma get you drunk! Get you love drunk off my humps!

How you going to thump down ^ funny!!!

144- Nobody is "thump"ing it down.

I was thinking about maybe selling it, you know like on eBay or something. But I guess I could have a garage sale too..

Just pretend you meant to do the worm

Hide yo wife. Hide yo kids. Errbody gettin raped out here.

He must be hung like an anaconda for you to catch that. I see some late nights at the office in your future.

hopefully OP gets some overtime pay ;)

Thanks for that mental picture, Doc. But you're the first person today who made me laugh, so +1 to you, sir :).

I think they have a name for being paid for sex.

Hey, OP never said where he/she works ;)

Actually, an anaconda isn't very hung. I think you mean "he must be hung like a tapir" as male tapirs are quite hung.

Not if it's the whole anaconda.

You stupid people. Doc was obviously meaning to say the guy had an anaconda for a penis, not a penis that resembles an anaconda's actual snakey penis, whatever awkward reptilian freakshow that may be. the guy kills people by strangulation with his penis, like an anaconda. Anacondas use their bodies.

Very classy ;) I'm sure he'll understand it was an accident, though.

Bet the boss hopes it wasnt an accident ;)

Obviously he didn't mind too much if he's still your "soon to be boss"! ;)

Was the soon to be boss