By UsuallyaUnicornbread - United States - Morrisville
Today, I went to get myself a latte to make myself feel better after having a bad day. As soon as I sat down to enjoy it, I spilled it all over myself, another customer, and the floor. FML
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  kristabelli  |  19

Hm, that's weird. This wasn't what my comment said - it was supposed to say:
"That is really lame OP, I feel for ya. :( I hate spilling my coffee - not only do you have a mess to clean up, you also DON'T have coffee."

By  WeLikeIke  |  22

If this happened to me, I would sink into a chair, bury my hands in my face, and start sobbing. Coffee is literally love and life when I get three hours of sleep and get extra-annoyed by my coworkers.