By Canonlizardjet - 13/02/2017 08:00 - United States - Ormond Beach

Today, I had a near-death experience. Went to print a document and a lizard shot out of the printer right out at me. Gives a whole new meaning to a Canon printer, a fricking lizard Canon. FML
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geico's new advertising tactics are amazing

eaglerob 20

Canon's new 3D printer...almost too good


Congrats, OP! I literally laughed out loud :-)

geico's new advertising tactics are amazing

Only in Florida

nonsensical 26

The animals and people in Florida are all crazy

eaglerob 20

Canon's new 3D printer...almost too good

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Scorpio1691 29

Their new website is buggy as hell too. and the video pop ups when you submit a coment are damn annoying. Ordinarily i am for change, but this is bad.

Me too! I can't barely use this. Lately I haven't been on because of that.

It cost me about $1.49 to get rid of the adds. I'm not experiencing any of what you describe. Might be worth the tiny investment.

Finish Him !!! Reptile Wins !

Scorpio1691 29

I had not properly laughed at a FML in ages. Thank you!

And I'll bet they gave you one of those cheap-ass "starter" cartridges that has hardly any lizards in it, and then you immediately have to go buy a real one with the proper number of reptiles.

OMG best comment evah!

species4872 19

You got the worst end of it? Think about the poor lizard.

Talis99 26

Is the lizard okay?