By Anonymous - 17/10/2010 06:28 - United States

Today, it was my dad's birthday. As a joke, I got him one of those big erasers that say, "FOR BIG MISTAKES." He opened it, tried to erase me with it, then said, "It doesn't work." and left. FML
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lmfao hahah your dad is funny, hes just probably joking around, most parents do that


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Truth hurts OP but that's life for ya. Get over it!!!

op dad is the coolest dude I ever heard

Well, it was definitely a sucky gift. No thought at all what his dad might like, no money and no effort spent, and to top it of the implication that his dad makes many big mistakes. Who wouldn't love a gift like that? OP: rather than whining about this on FML - spend some thought on a proper gift to make it up to your dad.

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Ummm does anybody know how to take a joke now a days? Ughhh.

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so you wanted him to take a joke, but when he did the exact same thing you, you go crying on fml about it?

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lmfao hahah your dad is funny, hes just probably joking around, most parents do that

OP, you walked right in to that one. ydi for not seeing it coming

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damn op get a sense of humor and move on!

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lol..that's hilarious. You got owned and disowned

my sister has one of those and I did the same too her, but I was joking, and she knew I was. it was really funny though. haha and op don't worry about it :)

51- the bands name is Chelsea Grin. :)

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personally I think she kinda deserves it for being such a cheapo and buying her dad a gift from the dollar store.... yes, Thad where you buy them.

haha thats actually kinda funny . i bet he was just giving u a hard time

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I guess that YOU are the big mistake. Pop got you good.

Thanks for that.. None of us would understand this FML without this comment.

lol, OP, he was probably just joking around... don't take it to heart.. and if he wasn't... don't be sad, you too can make a mistake of your own one day

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Holy shit. Your dad is full of win.

Lol. You really should have expected it though.