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Actually, the kid could've been saying ew because she's a kid and 'naked' people gross her out. When I was 9 I thought boobs were tumors or something, and couldn't comprehend why people enjoyed having them. :p

By  xolotl  |  0

Yeah, don't worry too much about it. That's a typical 9 year old girl's reaction to a adult taking his shirt off. It was probably more about the fact that you'd done it than what you looked like. Hopefully, she's not used to it :)

By  Silent1  |  0

right, though i know of quite a few 9 year old girls having sex. ha! eeewwww grosss haha...

next time wait until you're inside your house to expose yourself


Are you stupid!? People are born with their sexuality. Sure girls for a short period believe they're stinky and gross but that doesn't mean they cant be attracted to someone. When I was 9 (which is 3rd grade) I had crushes on boys

By  katieatieay  |  0

haha, i'm guessing you're not a girl, #15. i was joking about #6, but most girls i know can't remember the day they started liking boys. needless to say, we were a hell of a lot younger than nine.

  cezrez  |  5

I'm going to say I was about 4 and in kindergarten when I started liking boys. Although, I'm pretty positive I wasn't too in love with older men taking off their shirts and showing their hairy chests, because at 9 any boy or man taking of his shirt was gross. So I wouldn't worry about it, OP.