By baddoggy - 17/10/2010 08:13 - United States

Today, I went to pick up my dog from the vet after she had surgery. I somehow managed to lock my keys, my purse, and my dog in the car. FML
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yourWIFEandKIDS 0

YDI because you're a retard.

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

your dog probably hit the lock button.


yourWIFEandKIDS 0

YDI because you're a retard.

I second that. Bitches be crazy.

YDI cuz u suck at life

TooAsianMane 0

dont lie. your trying to cook the dam thing so you can eat it. shame.

cutiepie31296 0

ur picture scares me :O

tyronnK 0

dats Cali, I'm sure u can find sum1 dat can break into ur car in 5 secs of searchin

corndawg 2

people be crazy

TookiMyCooki 0

*people can be crazy

what kind of a retard manages to do that?

I want you in class

stephanie0613 0

Wow fuck your dogs life :(

Have you never locked your keys in the car? Everyone does stupid things sometimes. You don't have to call her a retard

No you are not fucking first. Now gtfo.

I second that... ^^

Schizomaniac 24

You forgot biceps brachii, wrist extensors, and triceps.

MyFirstKiss 0

44-college win

pengiesully 0


naww your poor dog haha getting stuck I the car after it just had surgury. :(

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mahimalil 0

wow OP you really suck!! Time to break in

MrsxBillxKaulitz 5

your dog probably hit the lock button.

OP is smooth ydi for being that dumb... how could you possibly do that?

The_Mitch 0

should have trained it to unlock the car.

This a failure so badly, that it shouldn't even be on FML, it should be on fail website, like

Aww sometimes things like that happen OP hope you were able to get back into your car! :)