Yeet the feet

By SalonGirl - 10/03/2009 11:55 - United States

Today, I was at work and a very obese woman came in to get a pedicure. When she took her shoes off I noticed an odd black substance on her feet. I started scrubbing it off and wondered out loud, "What IS this stuff??" As a chunk of it fell onto my lip, she replied, "Girl, that's just the fungus." FML
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Amanda_Ruth 0

Oh, dear Jesus. That's disgusting! You poor thing...

Um, ew. Someone remind me not to go on this site when I'm eating.


Amanda_Ruth 0

Oh, dear Jesus. That's disgusting! You poor thing...

how did it fall on your lip?

nitrogirl 0

that's what I couldn't figure out!

it fell on her lip cuz when ur doing someones toes at the salon they lift their feet and are under them... or she has a fungus magnet in her face...???

Brittaneyyy 0

no it probably flicked off from the angle she was grating that nastiness off

Kill it with fire!!!

that's just incredibly disturbing...

Um, ew. Someone remind me not to go on this site when I'm eating.

authorkid 2


SuicidalShooter 7

same here

senpa_kush 11

Remember don't go on this site when you're eating!!

Ugh, I'm eating too. .-. Ew. I think I need to throw up.

DinoJR 0

LMFAO i would have puked all over her feet

jdog1523 0

yeah there's your pedicure

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Fridiculously 0

you're so politically correct. :P

jakeidk 0

she mentioned the obesity to form a better mental image

I agree with 126. It just shows how more disgusting it is.

why would it be more disgusting ? some people don't choose to be overweight or even obese , some are born with thyroid problems or are on medication that causes them to gain weight . don't judge .

Dflips 0

That's what they all say

Some people are just inhumanely insensitive. It is one of the many downfalls of humanity.

I know many people thst have health issues thst would normally "cause" a person to gain weight but because they TRY TO KEEP HEALTHY and MAINTAIN themselves, they're a normal weight. What grosses me out is how people dont even try to keep healthy when they're told "you'll be fat". They jusy give up. Plus lets be real, a lot of the diseases and conditions like diabetes are actually caused by poor diet so yeah. Obese is gross.

Not all types of diabetes are caused by poor diet though!

maybe she mentioned she was obese because really obese people can't bend down good so she could not wash her feet well. probably why she had disgusting fungus. GROSS!!

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Damn, there are some things you just shouldn't have to do. That's one of them. Cleaning up someone else's poo would be another one.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I was a CNA and now I'm an LVN, the reason we have to clean some of our patient's BM is because they can no longer do it themselves and if we didn't do it, it wouldn't get done. Working in nursing isn't for everyone nor is it glamorous. It is gross but given the fact that they can't do it for themselves, I don't mind.

Do you always get that close?? Trying to picture the scene for posterity's sake. Yep, still not gettin' how it happened. aghast with your mouth closed.

That is disgusting.... I have never had foot fungus.. wth is wrong with thee people!