By Anonymous - 19/01/2012 14:17 - Canada

Today, there was a big snow storm and I wanted to help shovel, so I put on 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of pants, 2 winter coats, 2 pairs of gloves, a hat and a scarf. Once outside, I was told to go back inside because the job was done. FML
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I'm in Ontario too, and wow what a blizzard we are getting today, eh?!

It's the thought that counts anyways...:)


I'm in Ontario too, and wow what a blizzard we are getting today, eh?!

Either you didn't have that much to shovel, or you take waayyyy too long to get dressed.

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I'm on my phone and hit reply to comment instead of the reply to fml button on accident...did I just ruin your day?

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I'm on my phone too.. And I was only pointing out that it was a nicely done thread jack. Thumb me down I deserve it.

28-probable little thin ones, then huge ones over it. Think outside the box :)

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28- In Canada, there is always a way to layer. Minus 46 in Edmonton yesterday, I wore two pairs of pants.

#5, your a dumb-ass. You did the exact same thing and your talk shit to him.

theres like 4 cm of snow outside, its been a warm winter... weve been lucky, but its getting worse :(

Yeah, last year the blizzard was so bad that we got 3 days off from school.

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51- please explain at what point I was 'talking shit'. Because all I see me doing is pointing out a nice thread jack, then apologizing for pointing it out, and even ASKING people to thumb down my comments. Please comprehend what you are reading before you call me a dumb-ass.

Would you all stfu with the thread jacking talk and go jerk off or something!!

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This weather isn't too bad it's our second blizzard in Toronto and I've only worn a hat twice this winter! Canadian goose jackets ftw!

I live in the Yukon territory... I have to walk to school

50- in claresholm, (Southern alberta if you didnt know) it was -43 and I didn't wear any layers, but I wish I would've, smart move with the pants, the legs tend to get cold quickly

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50 - Negative 46??? Holy crap I thought 24 & windy was a little nippy the other day. I haven't been that far north yet. I'll be sure to do so in the summer haha.

67- a bad blizzard only took you out of school for 3 days? The one inch that we got in Eugene last year took us out for 2 days...

51, you're the dumb ass because you used 'your' incorrectly. It's you're btw.

So now you dont have to do any work... I dont see a problem here......

It's the thought that counts anyways...:)

22 where in hell did you get thar idea??? Oh yea, in the fml. :|

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Awe that sucks if I was your neighbor I'd let you clear my driveway of snow.

Do I have to be the one to say it...the kitchen is INSIDE the house honey

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That's like saying someone's a wuss for wearing their seatbelt.

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OP stop pretending like you feel bad, you know you did it on purpose. No one 'wants' to shovel snow in freezing weather. (yes this is sarcasm for those who can't catch on)

That's a horrible comparison, considering OP is doing more of a disservice to themselves by putting so many clothes on. Not only will their mobility be reduced because of all the thick layers, but they'll probably start sweating pretty heavily in a short amount of time... edit: lol didn't even notice the person below me beat me to saying just that.

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Hey, some people actually feel cold much more than others.

I'm from Rochester, NY, which is on the coast of Lake Ontario and probably has a similar climate to where the OP is from and I have to say, I agree with stevenmx86. The OP is in Ontario, not Antarctica. The OP doesn't need several pairs of those things. One winter coat, a heavy sweater, one hat, one pair of gloves, a good pair of snow boots, and possibly a scarf are all that is needed.

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If OP had gotten to cold he could've just used a tauntaun for warmth. :)

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93- People have different body temperature.

I have to agree with 93 and 6. I live in Ontario too and I walked my dog yesterday. It wasn't that bad, and all I was wearing was a coat, a hat, boots, and jeans.

That's like saying "ydi for not wanting to get hypothermia" or "ydi for not wanting to be cold"

The more layers you put on the worse your are... You'll start to sweat and cold plus sweat not to fun. But hey it was the thought that counts

Where the hell did u go to school? Layers are better for you providing you dont put to many on. And that guy was wuss

Everything in your comment is wrong. More layers are better, sweat would only matter if you took off your coat and exposed your sweaty skin to the air, and that does not apply when someone avoids a chore.

I've been through 20 Canadian winters, I know what I'm talking about when it comes to layering and cold weather. The thing about sweat is that it cools you down when it dries, something you obviously want to avoid when your objective is keeping warm. OP is an idiot for putting on two winter coats, plain and simple. The perfect way to bundle up is to wear multiple thin layers, since the multiple layers trap air between them, which in turn acts as its own insulating layer. I wasn't suggesting that layering in general is stupid, but the way OP did it certainly is.

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Well.. There's always tomorrow.

Mess up their work. Then start all over again!

Piss on their snow, rape their women, and steal their goats!! Too much?

61 - A bit much, yes. The yellow snow is just a bit too far.

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How about piss on their goats, rape their snow, and steal their women?

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Or, rape there goats, piss on there women a steal there snow >:)

Nice of you to try, but just appreciate that you got to stay in!

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Two pairs of gloves? Otherwise, your life does suck, but that earned you a YDI.

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I'm going to pretend that makes sense and thumb you down anyway.

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2 winter coats? How about 1 decent winter coat.

yeah I live in Ontario and have never needed to put on 2 winter coats...

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I live in Florida and if I ever went to Canada during the winter I would probably need 2 coats, but that's just because I'm use to not really having a big change in seasons.