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Today, as I'm pregnant, my mom came over to do some nice things for me, such as clean my kitchen and cook a large pot of my favorite soup. When she left, I took a nap, planning to eat later. I woke up to find my roommates had trashed my kitchen and eaten all my soup. FML
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more like "today I had to go cook and clean for my slut of a pregnant daughter because she decided to have unprotected sex with some creep and now has to live with shitty roommates. fml"

  primadonna9396  |  16

I know right? Sensibly budgeting for a baby is so ridiculous. It's much better to rent a place you can't afford and just raise your kid on welfare and food stamps. It might be in the scummiest most ghetto part of the neighborhood, but at least you have your own place...right?

  noelykins1  |  19

If you can't afford to take care of a child you have three choices A) have an abortion B) put the baby up for adoptions And 3) be unable to provide for the around $18,000 per year cost of raising and caring for a baby and ruining not only yours but your child's life. Seriously if you didn't want kids the maybe you should of made him pull out, used protection and of you knew both didn't happen taken the morning after pill. Don't have sex if you can't be responsible. This is why humans have overpopulated the planet, irresponsible people.

  angeluv_2014  |  22

90- I don't know what bit you in the ass before you made that comment, but CALM the FUCK down. You don't know a damn thing about this woman and you think you can pass serious judgement about her pregnancy?? What is worng with you??