By lame - 20/10/2009 14:04 - United States

Today, for our 2-year anniversary, I bought my girlfriend a beautiful $400 necklace. She bought me a pink $5 shirt of Elton John riding a piano through space. FML
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It's the thought that counts right? And besides.. that shirt sounds EPIC.

Space pianos FTW


Space pianos FTW

Did it make you feel like a candle in the wind?

liveBabylon 0

ahahah Aww a candle in the wind :( It's O.K maybe tonight you'll get more then you think ;)

I am missing the point here.. a pink elton john shirt?! Win.

RubixMonkey 0

I guess you can ask the question, "Can you feel the love tonight?"

Social Norms FTW lmao

does anyone know where I can find that shirt? I REALLY want it!

amazingkate 0

yeah, i have a feeling that shirt is worth more than 5 bucks.

Shes a woman, OP, what do you expect?

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

If it was the GF giving a great gift and the BF with the shitty gift, pretty sure everyone would be flooding the comments about the boyfriend being an ,'a-hole', or 'fyl'.

The shirts for sale here for £25 so it's worth a lot more than $5

I guess u can say he has been "blessed" with such a wonderful shirt.

HAHAHAHAHA most thoughtful gf ever. revenge: strangulation by necklace

why is it almost half the posters are psycotic

bberg01 5

it's the thought that counts:)

It's the thought that counts right? And besides.. that shirt sounds EPIC.

yes ... true . Even a 5 $ shirt given with love is a great gift .

I believe that thoughts are that you're a pussy.

Seriously are you fucking kidding me I would LOVE to get that shirt

Jess_Love 0

get over it. so she didn't buy you something expensive, does that really mean you're life if fucked? i think not.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Exactly. I hate how people are so materialistic! Do you like the shirt? Was it thoughtful? Did it mean something? Does she have to spends $1000 for her to prove her love? I do see how it would be annoying to spend 400 and get 5 in return but hey, maybe she doesn't have the money. Oor she could repay you in other ways ;)

oh_dee 0

my thoughts exactly. not everybody can afford a $400 necklace. i know i could barely afford a $5 dollar t-shirt. really, it is the thought that counts. she didn't have to buy anything for you!

come on, that shirt is awesome! FHL for getting a necklace she'll never wear but feels too guilty to get rid of!

2 years and you have not proposed? obviously she is trying to tell you something with the pick elton john shirt. Survey says "Gay!"

survey says you're a dumbass

You're kidding me, right? Propose after 2 years? Who proposes after 2 years???

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I like elton john.

girlfriend FTW

Oh god,OP,you want too much :/ Atleast she remembered and gave you something. She might also be struggling with money.I might of clicked 'FYL' if she'd be a milionare.

lol, I like OP's name.