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  Sun_Kissed18  |  25

Exactly. I hate how people are so materialistic! Do you like the shirt? Was it thoughtful? Did it mean something? Does she have to spends $1000 for her to prove her love? I do see how it would be annoying to spend 400 and get 5 in return but hey, maybe she doesn't have the money. Oor she could repay you in other ways ;)

  oh_dee  |  0

my thoughts exactly. not everybody can afford a $400 necklace. i know i could barely afford a $5 dollar t-shirt. really, it is the thought that counts. she didn't have to buy anything for you!

By  BurnDammit  |  0

Oh god,OP,you want too much :/ Atleast she remembered and gave you something.
She might also be struggling with money.I might of clicked 'FYL' if she'd be a milionare.