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I love Big Macs. If you don't want it, FedEx it up to me.


eat it!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't get shit for my b-day....

o whose a big boy?? that's right YOU are no more happy meals for you huh?

atleast you didn't get a gym membership(;

... happy birthday to you!

haha for a second there I thought she/he was talkin bout a Mac lol 

Can I have it then?

I agree your lucky because in Africa kids get AIDS for their birthday.

That sounds good right now..

Well if you really love food that's a perfect present! It's better than some peoples I bet..

Whats wrong with that?

yea a big mac is a blessing!

I dont see a problem.

this isnt an fml. gosh some of the fml's the put on this site are stupid and pointless

Happy birthday! Its my birthday too :D it sucz tho coz i hav finals nd cant do anything for my 16th x u have a big mac =)

Wow,16 you say?

rotffffff! happy birthday =]

Your life is fucked because you eat mcdonalds. thats gross, havent had it for almost 8 years..

How old are you anyway? 7 and a half?

Basie are fuckin serious mcsonalds is the shit. it is the perfect food. even your queer friends on naruto and that other shit eat it!

when I said Basie fuckin auto correct fucked it up I meant vasir.

#7 Don't hate biatch

Aww :(. Well, savor it then...

man, parents couldn't even cough up the cash for a whopper?...and hey at least it wasn't like a quarter pounder...aren't those on the dollar menu? least they paid full price