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Today, my boyfriend forgot to pick our son up from daycare. His excuse? Fighting in a battle in World of Warcraft was far more important and he had to stay absolutely focused. Our son had to wait for two hours. FML
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He needs to grow up and get his act together. he's a father!

My mom (who I no longer see thank god) forgot my sister and me at elementary school for 3 hours one day and it was one of scariest times of my life. Luckily my dad saw us waiting outside while driving by (my parents are divorced) and picked us up and took us to his house.. Thankfully he was at daycare and not just waiting outside. Sorry to hear about this! So sad. Kids are always #1 priority!


He needs to grow up and get his act together. he's a father!

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he needs to be in daycare because he's childish af

Makes you wonder why she bred with him :/

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Wow isn't even fun anymore...

WOW is dying, only assholes play that game anymore.

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The raids are very well made and the art team did a fantastic job on the newest zones. However, the rest looks like it was made by interns.

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I agree. Bought the new expansion hoping it would rekindle the flame after a three year hiatus. I was severely disappointed.

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It has most of the worlds population playing

#115, as of the latest census wow has 7 million subscribers.. the world has around 7 billion people in it. that means that only 0.1% play wow. if you meant that it has the largest amount of subscribers in the world for an mmorpg then yes that's correct ;)

Well forget ever trying to play a new class if you don't want to drop $60 to level to 90. The leveling is agonizing anymore and the new expansion isn't even worth the pain once you get there.

I beg to differ. WoW has improved overall, although it's seen better times. The fact that you have an opinion on something doesn't give you the right to make it a fact. Next time I suggest using the words "I think".

You can level from 1-100 in one sitting chill

#30 may mean the kind of assholes who neglect their children to play. Probably not good players if they're so selfish.

Dungeons aren't 2 hours hard. This was clearly a raid.

I know, but I haven't raided yet so I didn't want to talk about something I wasn't 100% sure of. :P

Go hiking in a remote forest and leave him for two hours. See how he likes it. That should work.

Better yet go hiking in a forest with his computer/Xbox and leave it out there. See how he feels with something precious to him is left all alone.

I never understood WOW geeks, I had a roommate who would spend an entire weekend on the computer playing.

Raids are serious shit, bro. Eat my AoE DoT with mana burn and suck my Tauren ****! EDIT: Is it too obvious I haven't played in a really long time? I don't even know what class would have AoE DoT with mana burn for a Tauren...shaman maybe?

That's not the point, I don't play anymore. Last I played was in freshman year of high school, aside from a three-day stint before dropping out of college. I just think it's funny that you think my joke proves your point when I'm an equal-opportunist discriminator. I take shots at everybody.

No, I just don't think you read my original post correctly. What I was trying to say is I don't understand people who play those type of games. I once had a roommate who played WOW from the moment he got off work till he slept. On weekends he would go on a two day binge playing online. Now if you or one of the many people who disliked my original comment want to explain why playing a video game is more important than picking up your kid from school that would be great. I have three kids and there I can't think of a good reason not to pick them up from school. If a real emergency came up I would call my wife, a friend or a neighbor to pick them up. But you probably clicked in YOU DESERVE IT to this FML.

I don't vote on many comments and very rarely FML's, but video games aren't more important than commitments (I won't say family, I don't agree with that). I go on benders, too. I've played 80 hours of GTA5 in the past two weeks. That doesn't mean you ignore any obligations you have, I'm also fulfilling my duty of housesitting and taking care of the cat/plants/stream/koi pond/fish tanks (lol I love this house) I was hired to. So I guess we actually have an understanding with each other, sorry for the confusion.

Family is not more important than video games to you? Or did I read that wrong?

It's not, video games are art to me. One of my favorite hobbies, alongside sitcoms and pet ownership. I just don't believe in obligations to people just because of shared blood. I mean, immediate family is different, they should definitely be a priority (assuming the relationship is positive), but extended? Naaaaah.

Family isn't blood. Family are the people in your life that call themselves family and stick with you through thick and thin. On a side note, I think video game addiction is akin to gambling addiction; and should be researched more.

Beware of WOW lovers. They'll downvote each and every comment against WOW. Choose your words wisely.

Im a mom and I happen to play mmos. Thats just it though, i play them rather than become obsessed by them. They are a hobby much like reading a book is, id never neglect my family or friends over a game. We're not all that bad you know! :)

#149 I don't think my original comment was against wow. But whatever haters gon do their thing.

I am an avid WoW player. I have a full time job and a social life. Some people play constantly to get a sense of fulfillment in a fake game because they can't in real life. It can become quite an addiction if you don't have other things to help break up the playing time. Obviously the game isn't worth making your kid wait hours to be picked up. That person obviously cannot separate real life from an online game.

Can't be a full-time gamer when you're a full-time father. He should know better than that.

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World of Warcraft ruins lives.

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not if played in moderation. but sadly people don't and that's when it can ruin lives.

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"But how do you kill, which has no life?"

lives- I don't know. relationships- yes, for sure.

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People don't need video games to neglect their kids. My mom used to turn her phone off before she went to sleep and not bother to set an alarm. I can't even count how many times I had to walk 8 miles home from school.

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Haha #121 I'm with you on that one. I can't tell you how many times my dad forgot to pick me up from school. &i couldn't even walk home cause I went to school 4 cities away. Not to mention the numerous times he left me at the grocery store, went all the way home, unpacked the groceries and went about his business until I would call him and remind him I was with him!

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#121 #131, there are people who had to walk miles back from school everyday. Give them some space, they're parents and they do have a life. P.S. Stop blaming them for everything.

#151, someone always has it worse, but that doesn't make things better. 'Hey, you were shot once? Well at least you weren't shot twice.'

#169, its not about better or worse, its about blaming parents for everything. Whatever they do, its their choice. If they pick you up from school, its their kindness, not your right. So, stop blaming them for silly things.

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#186 no one was blaming anyone, we were sharing stories. I honestly look back now and laugh. BUT, it's a parents responsibility to keep their children safe. Leaving your kid outside a school for hours and hours in the dark when no one else is on campus is dangerous. You must not be a parent. I could never imagine forgetting my child especially if she's at an age where she can't fend for herself! &that's not only out of "kindness"but that what a parent does. I decided to have her, she didn't Ask to come into this world. Shit, if it was up to whether or not a parent could just decide to be " kind" when they wanted too there would be no such thing as cps, or child neglect charges. My father leaving me in the dark at school at the age of 9 is HIS bad. He was supposed to pick me up that day. Why? Because him and the other adult (my mom) decided that's was their plan for their CHILD that day. Do I still blame him for it? Hell no. People move on and he straightend up as a father. Chill out dude, the only person blaming anyone is you.

My mom (who I no longer see thank god) forgot my sister and me at elementary school for 3 hours one day and it was one of scariest times of my life. Luckily my dad saw us waiting outside while driving by (my parents are divorced) and picked us up and took us to his house.. Thankfully he was at daycare and not just waiting outside. Sorry to hear about this! So sad. Kids are always #1 priority!

I once had to wait for over an hour in the pouring rain for my mum to pick me up from school. Though in her defence it was because I'd forgotten I was supposed to have an after school club that day.

My school had an after school program that closed at 6 and one time I was the last one there and all the adults had to leave, so I had to wait outside, by myself, in the rain and hail for an hour and a half until my mom picked me up.

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Better yet forget to pay the internet bill until two hours after it's shut off

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Better yet trash the computer until he gets his act together

You do know you can block computers from Internet access via the router...

Come on son, he could at least have been playing a good game