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Today, I got married. I received a beautifully wrapped gift from my dad. I was full of excitement until I opened it and found two taxidermied rabbits. The ones I had when I was in the fifth grade. FML
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Well that was very thoughtful of him! Does he hate you?


Well that was very thoughtful of him! Does he hate you?

OPs dad doesn't hate him, maybe it was a gag gift?

Giving someone their dead pet as a gag gift is sick.

28 - Well it's a sick idea for a joke, especially considering those rabbits were pets from her childhood! This type of "gift" is more suited for someone you don't particularly like very much, in my opinion anyway!

Perhaps he really really really doesn't like her

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40- I agree, hate is a strong word. That's why I prefer to say that I, "Passionately despise their inner being to an infinite amount." It makes me sound less bitter :P

Many people actually like taxidermy. Why, I cannot fathom, but they do. Ive heard it's "comforting" to still have the family pet. It's just too bad that OP doesn't. sounds to me like OPs dad was trying to be thoughtful, in his own way.

I love how the first half of your comment is all nice and then you went all blunt and horrible. ;)


Seems like a messed up thing to do.

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Seeing as he did it and actually gave them to OP, I don't think so.

That's a little harsh over two dead rodents

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Rabbits aren't rodents, actually. I just though someone ought to tell you.

#27: Rabbits, hares, etc. are lagomorphs, which have similarities to rodents.

Well, mammals if you don't want to be too specific.

Yeah 21 I remember specifically being taught that they were NOT of the rodent family in school. So very good :)

"You told me they ran away to help the Easter bunny!"

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To clarify I mean bugs bunny and Peter rabbit

Peter got nothing on Roger! We all know it!

#13's comment made me die a little inside

BellaBelle_fml 23

kickass1stbase- I do believe that you are referring to Bugs Bunny and Roger Rabbit. The other children's book with a rabbit is Peter Cotton Tail. I'll admit, at first I didn't even think twice about Peter Rabbit. But then I started to reminisce about my favorite childhood stories and realized it wasn't Petter Rabbit but Roger Rabbit and Peter Cotton Tail.

Peter Rabbit is right, it used to be my favourite children's book. He wore a blue jacket. His sisters name was cotton tail.

Well, Peter Cottontail is a song about a rabbit.

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Considering that one of the first websites to pop up after googling Beatrix Potter is, I'm pretty sure his name is Peter Rabbit. That, and I can still remember my mom saying in a sing-song voice, "Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter!" when she read the books to me many years ago.

I know this is over 6 months late, but it's hard to resist... *busts out singing* Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail!

he's saving your first dog for when you announce you're having a child

The first child... The dog, a St. Bernard. The dog can be ridden with the kid waving the Rabbits over his or her head. GRANDAD will be so proud

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PedroTall; your comments rarely make any sense.

Rabbits are a good luck symbol. Your dad wants you to represent, mate like bunnies and make lots and lots of grandbabies!

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I find that disturbing and hilarious at the same time