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  br0ccoli  |  14

1- I agree, this is the lowest of the low and it can only go up from here. No mother should have her son's semen regurgitated all over her.



2-Non-alcoholic wine is awesome. It makes you look exceptionally classy without the after effects of making a fool out of yourself. Try some non-alcoholic champagne! It's a hell of a drink. I'm an underage Muslim, so no alcohol for me.

  starman02  |  12

I'm sorry.. I'm sure it tastes great and all but what is the point ( and where is the fun) of non-alcoholic beverages? " ah what a long exhausting day at work can't wait to go home a crack me open a nice bottle of .. Milk.." or juice that's supposed to be wine?

  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

Maybe OP is one of those people who would rather wait until the legal American (since she's 21) age of drinking. Not every teenager drinks before the legal age. We're not all idiots.

  asherm  |  15

I've known people underage who drank who weren't idiots. In CG, in port call, in foreign country. Law of the land. Old enough to serve, old enough to be served. A friend of mine turned down drinking, and glad to say I don't recall anyone underage getting into trouble in port call. Not all under age drinkers turn into idiots. Of course that age group is more likely to do more stupid shit because it's so taboo. But people at any age do stupid shit while drinking too much. As for OP, maybe start with fruity tropical drink. I couldn't stomach beer or taste of it at first

  Michael_92  |  20

Just fyi drinking doesn't mean you are an idiot. Hell even drugs doesn't mean you are not responsible. To judge a person on them things is immature and just quite frankly stupid.

  Squeaky_Tomato  |  14

Lol not everyone who drinks before turning 21 is an idiot. My sister is an ER doctor and was dunking when she was 16. I am an EMT and had my first drink at 16 as well. My parents are a judge and a nurse, one started drinking at 18 and the other waited until 21, but they both experimented with drugs in their teens and twenties. It's good to know you are so closed minded. People like you make me sick.