By Brittany - 28/03/2012 02:38 - United States - Kerrville

Today, I failed my driving test. I rammed into the parallel parking poles, ran a stop sign, and stopped at a cross intersection. My instructor called me an idiot. FML
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Don't feel bad my first try I was parallel parking and somehow stomped the gas while backing up and spun a full 360 in the middle of the road

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Not to be rude bu t you should probably get your eyes checked and work on your reflexes..

It's not hard to drive, just drive slow pay attention to street signs and keep looking in your mirrors. Honestly. -.- it's not all that hard.

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Where I live, you'd be sent to a shrink before being allowed to drive again. Not even kidding.

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Damn, the most deserved FML's are always from Texas..

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I concur OP is an idiot and shouldn't be allowed to even think about driving

the most deserved FMLs are always from Brittany's

Don't get why the instructor went through all of it before failing him. I would have stopped after you rammed into the poles

I think it's a bit rough that the instructor called OP an idiot. I would put in a complaint it's rude and very poor customer service. Maybe OP was just really nervous? I recommend a few more lessons either way.

That was not very nice 57, sorry I'm not an asshole.

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76 just curious what would you call OP? ^^

56, I don't think you have any idea how the instructor must have been feeling. They put their lives in danger by driving with people like OP. Just because someone works in customer service doesn't mean they're not human. Idiot is an understatement, OP could have gotten them both killed.

102, I totally understand this but I myself also used to be quiet a nervous driver due to a car accident when I was younger. If I were the instructor I'd probably be pretty pissed/shaken if I were the instructor but I can understand how OP would have felt. I don't think being told he's an idiot will help OP's driving in the future either.

Not sure what happened with the two instructor bits, oh dear lalaa!

116, maybe some people were just not meant to drive, ever. I would think that a nervous person would drive slowly and be very vigilant when looking for stop signs and know better than to randomly stop in an intersection that they're not supposed to. OP is a prime example of someone who should be taking the bus instead of endangering other peoples lives every time she gets in the car.

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I was nervous the first time I went for my driving test. I suffer from bad anxiety, and I never did anything remotely close to OP. I passed on the first try, actually, with flying colors. If you don't think you are ready to drive, get an extension on your permit. I held my permit for a year before deciding to take the test. OP clearly wasn't ready, and it was irresponsible of her to endanger herself, the instructor, and others. She IS an idiot, and she should be thankful the instructor was feeling kind that day.

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ladyLALA... lets get some things straight: First off, the DMV is NOT about customer service. It's not a store, where you can go and complain because their staff told the truth about your character. They are responsible for making sure that the people that they license to drive are SAFE. Obviously, the OP wasn't a safe driver. Second off, if you can't drive safely when nervous, you probably shouldn't be driving. Otherwise every time you're driving in a snowstorm in the middle of a big city, there'd be a huge pile-up with dead people because you were "nervous." Third off, a "learner driver" that is trying to take a test is an idiot. If you can't drive safely, why would you bother taking the test? When someone is threatening my safety and the safety of others, I'd call them an idiot too. Why should I care about someone's feelings if they almost killed me?

181, boohoo! I really don't think you are comprehending what I'm saying. Technically OP is a learner driver until he has an actual drivers permit, therefore you are wrong. The DMV operates due to the fact that customers come through on a daily basis therefore, Yes is does involve customer service. I couldn't be bothered with your last point because OP is still a LEARNER driver. Before you go correcting someone get your facts straight. You are such a doucebag, have fun with that.

195- obviously you've never been in a DMV, the last thing they care about is costumer service. Also I would not feel comfortable driving with OP (or you) on the roads after hearing that. I take my drivers test next month and all of my drivers Ed teachers say I'm a fantastic driver, so don't make all learning drivers look like bad drivers, that would be false.

Im glad you ****** failed your test. People like you are my worst nightmares on the road OP.

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Idiot is an understatement if you failed that bad.

Normally people try obeying the law to get their license, but whatever works for you…

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I love people from Texas. As they are fellow Southerners... But they all drive like freakin' maniacs! I swear, it's as if they drive by their own laws! Every single day, I am damn near run off the road from a Texan on Highway 69! They cruise Hwy 69 like it's a drag strip! It's gotta be the water down there or something! Lol No offense, Texans! I love you all as people... But you are terrible drivers! :)

No shit! I'm from Massachusetts, and people there are bad enough.(blinkers are a suggestion) But I was stationed with a guy from TX. When he drove in Boston, he once almost hit pedestrian in cross walk w/ our commander in GV. Tried running people off road, and called them f'n Massholes. Dude, seriously?

People from Texas are the best drivers I have seen, and not once have I heard anyone honk, ever.

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the you must be in a different area because I hear motorcycles and car zooming down Wheatland Street as though it's a drag race

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I'm from Texas, and hey, fun fact, in some deserted parts of Texas the speed limit is 80 mph.

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Ever drove in LA traffic? I've been driving in it for years now and it still scares the shit out of me.

165 - My dad's friend set up a 100Mph speed limit on his property haha.

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i knooow i live in austin texas and people freaking crazy drivers! i almost ot hit on my motorcycle lasy switched at an intersection, didnt look, and no turn signal

That was really unprofessional of the instructor but still sort of justified...

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Well If I was the instructor and my life was in danger like that I would be like bitch! Stop the car and let me out! Haha

Atleast we know who Spongebobs long lost brother is.

9-Let me guess...driving instructor was Mrs. Puff. That would explain so much!

Then OP should try driving blindfolded.

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you mean patricks twin brother? LOL

but she is a woman...unless Britney Is a mans name nowadays

I don't know, I was pretty nervous when I went for my test, but I did none of these things.