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Today, it's my 21st birthday. My parents' gift was a case of non-alcoholic beer, to "prepare" me for when I "turn 21." My parents can't even remember how old I am. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Go out and buy yourself some alcohol, get yourself completely wasted, and you won't even remember that they forgot.

TheRealBruce 12

Oh noo! Bad parenting


elmoswifeybish 1

Maybe they were just playing a practical joke on you ...

XenaWP 6

That's because they actually drank all the alcoholic stuff and replaced it with cordial. Because no one wastes money on non-alcoholic beer...

M0rt 0

Why is 1 so down thumbed? It's a possibility after all

Yes, just like the call girl dad's getting you, who will turn out to be a transvestite. This will prepare you for when you turn 21 as well.

FYLDeep 25

Go out and buy yourself some alcohol, get yourself completely wasted, and you won't even remember that they forgot.

Or you could not do something so completely stupid if ur gunna get plastered u shuld do it at home not at some bar doing shit like that is how you get into trouble u get drunk at home get buzzed at a bar

because #2 totally said bar at some point

I feel like you're being a whiney bitch..

TheRealBruce 12

Oh noo! Bad parenting

Angelice_fml 0

How many people read that comment in Bruce's voice in their head?

crispy174 7


everybodyluvsMEN 0

72 *dildo (;

I'm pretty sure he meant ditto you sick bastard.

How did we change the subject to pokemon?

deadeyedex 6

I knowwww

danielabella94 0

Happened to my brother. He just happened to forget to get them a birthday present and told everyone they were older than they were! I'm sorry op parents can be a bit dumb

No, that didn't happen to your brother. It happened to your parents.

Oh god the grammar is atrocious...

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Lick my butt hole.

Grammar nazi fail.

Leave your parents alone, it's not their fault that they are getting old.

OP was born in 1990. The average age for having children is about 25, give or take a few years. That means OPs parents are about 46, which is not old enough to be forgetting things because of age. So OP's parents are dicks who can't remember how old their son/daughter is.

sch092797 7

Maybe OP has a big family, so it's hard for their parent's to remember their birthdays. I would know what that's like because I have a huge family.

Maybe your parents really did buy you a case of alcoholic-beer but drank it on the way and that non-alcoholic beer is the only thing they could find In short notice

Since when is beer in short supply?

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BRidgetg123 0

you should donate that

Today was my 18th birthday :D

Happy bday.parrttty???

I went to the strip club on my 18th bday I hope u do something similar!

leadman1989 15

Happy birthday *Turns on music **Starts dancing with 14

Cool story bro.