By takhay - 28/03/2012 00:37 - Japan - Tokyo

Today, I slipped in a pile of vomit someone left for me on the train platform on the way to work, spraying puke all over both of my legs. It's only 6:30am. It's going to be a long day. FML
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takhay tells us more.

I actually told a few people at the same time, and they all backed away simultaneously...

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I would go back home! Eff work lol

It's great to walk around going, "Hmm, whats that smell? Oh wait, it's me." FML.


I would go back home! Eff work lol

MsMel 0

or I would show up, tell the boss what happened and im sure you would reek anyway and be sent home

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I'm thinking he'll tell you to wash up in the bathroom, get over it and start working.

I think I know who was responsible for the vomit puddle- two fmls down.

shitty situation

Or maybe you should lick it to see what it taste like

What the hell is wrong with you

If my office didn't have showers I would be going home. Getting vomit on yourself is awful and the smell does not go away. Someone else's vomit is even worse!

Damn. That sucks, man. You should try ask your co workers if they have any spare pants.

But your in Japan dude. The only way I see Japan is the way they showed it in Tokyo drift. Damn that movie was good.

KM96 24

Who has spare pants with them? Ha ha :)

It's Tokyo, city of vending machines. There would have to be a "You slipped in random hobo vomit? Here's some pants!" machine on every block.

Do you have extra clothing? If not, that sucks OP. Maybe you could get some other clothes at lunch?

That is disgusting, hope ur life dosent get any worse.

Was there a wet floor sign?

Ruining the very pants you were going out to return.

Haha Seinfeld reference! NICE

That was like me today only it was the bus, and she blew chunks right into my hair and down my back. And It was 9:00. Sucks.

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You should have wrote an FML

That's disgusting...I'd go back home to change for sure, I bet your work would've understood. I'm sure your coworkers didn't appreciate the smell of puke all day.

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Go back on the train and go home.

dont know how you didnt see it, i always watch where i walk.

The FML happened in Tokyo. Chances are that the platform was crowded and OP unfortunately didn't see the vomit due to so many people.

Completely true.