By Chase - 15/05/2017 18:00

Today, I turned 21 and had a huge party because I could finally drink legally. Got arrested for public intoxication. FML
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Party at home, you get in less trouble that way.


Happy Birthday OP! That really sucks, I hope they didn't go too hard on you.

You said "hard on".... Huh-huh-huh....

Party at home, you get in less trouble that way.

I'd find that much more amusing if your name was talented69.

Welcome to the other side of adulthood. Accountability. It's a bitch.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Adulthood(tm)!

With great power comes great responsibility. I got two letters for you: AA

Just because you can drink legally now, doesn't mean that you should do so excessively.

CrazyTrainWreck 19

My 21st birthday I went to Disneyland. Can't get in trouble with Disneyland.

either the party was outdoors or your drunken self took a walk. need to know how you got arrested? we're you not at the party?

How is that even illegal? Are you not allowed to walk home from bars or how do they enforce that?

They were probably being a public nuisance. They will arrest someone if they're obviously drunk. They could endanger themselves or others.