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Today, it's my 20th birthday! Happy birthday to me! My boyfriend threw a beer can through my back wind-shield after breaking up with me. FML
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I can only hope my 20th birthday is as cool as yours OP. Here's a banana sticker as your birthday present from me, though. :]


Ahahahahahahahah I guess it's happy birthday to you?

Aww well happy birthday !<3 your bf is meann.

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Optimus Prime it's been established over and over again.

well at least ur not with an A-hole anymore

nom nom nom nom, nom nom nom nom nom nommmmm

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FYL but doesn't OP seem a bit "overjoyed" in this FML. >.<

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HaPPy birthday to you **** yea

ure making him pay for the windshield right?

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How the **** do you break a windshield with a can?

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I like op being optimus prime better then anything ealse!

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Obscure parabola's ex bf must have a wicked fast ball

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Mark if it was a full beer can, and like the size of a malt, then I guess you could break a back windshield.. They aren't as strong as the front

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happy birthday :) and I've always wondered, what does op stand for?

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wait someone already asked that :p nevermind!

hahaha oily penis that is wrong on too many levels

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1 beer can broke a back windshield? Nice throwing arm. o.o

you're only 20? your life does suck, you can't even drink it legally

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ok mission #1 Is try not to get banned again

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maybe he thought op would like to have a drink after the traumatic breakup but she drove away so quick he didn't know how else to get it to her. Good on the boyfriend for being thoughtful now go sue his ass out of his next 5 years birthday money.

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A full can of beer could probably do it if thrown hard. Especially those larger cans, like the fosters.

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you guys who don't know what op means why don't you just google it??

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Bust all his shit. the stuff he left at your place and anything he left in the car first. put bricks in your trunk and smash his windows out whenever he parks. throw bird feed and tuna into the holes in the windows and by morning his car will be covered in shit and smell like rotten tuna...Happy Birthday. I don't have any respect for dudes like that. unless you cheated on him and that's why he left you.

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yeah, it's prolly too shook up to drink. Beer out of a can is gross anyway. Blechh!!

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I feel like it could be better... =P

that's what you get for drinking before 21. wait your turn.

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a can through a windsheild? is he on some stuff?

it's a good thing that ur rid of that idiot anyways... i mean seriously, ur not allowed to have a beer until you're 21. God what a moron!

lol you people are funny, but OP = original poster

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68 thy was exactly what I wanted to know

You got beer on your birthday! :D be greatful!

he was givin u a beer for ur birthday u should be happy :D

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here in Canada it's 18 years old and 19 in some provinces :p

mattman you can't drink legally either so zip it

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18 WINS :) it actually made my day

lol in australia you can drink if your 16 but cant buy it till your 18.

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OP, stop being so negative. The beer can was his present! Derrrrrrr(:

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exactly what I was wondering

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I've seen worse. my friend got broken up with hours before her senior prom. 20 is no big deal

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ydi for saying happy birthday to me. and also you seem really happy about it so why make an fml?

awwwww, sorry Hun! happy birthday and just remember that there are worse things that could happen... like your appendix could rupture, or your family could disown you, or you could die?

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sic sticker! wait, are we ordering dogs to attack? or illustrating that a quoted word was misspelled in the original source? The word we're looking for is "sick", people!

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I was kinda going for the second one. But the first one sounds even cooler. :]

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omg guys ur all so dum its sik not sic!

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FFML_314 11

If I tell you can I have a prize?

FFML_314 11

OK, I hope that is less tranny for you. If not, go **** yourself. :]

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I can't **** myself right now, I have to work. that pic is more passible. it was just a question. no offense.

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it's easy to insult people when you don't have a pic 97...wonder what u look like?

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yeah, I'm fugly. I can't post a pic cuz I use the iPhone app. but I never called her ugly. just asked if she was a tranny. I can see how that may be slightly offensive. but it wasn't meant as an insult, just genuine curiosity.

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106 you're a douche If you think that's not offensive.

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#108 please read my comment again. you'd see where I said that I can see how my question could be offensive, but my intent wasn't to offend.

You can see how that is 'slightly offensive'? Oh well congratulations on your incredible capacity of empathy. It's very offensive and it doesn't make any sense either since FFML_314 looks absolutely nothing like a tranny.

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110 but really? it's ignorant to think that you wouldn't.

I think he asked becuz personally to me she has strong facial features. and maybe that wuld make him ask the question. I get that it was curiosity but things are taken differently when u say it over the Internet. so it was uncalled for

what if she, or whatever, actually is a tranny. who's the joke on now...

^^^ She isn't. So don't worry about it. She looks nothing like a tranny If you ask me.

Awww I'm sorry :( that poor beer was innocent :(

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I can only hope my 20th birthday is as cool as yours OP. Here's a banana sticker as your birthday present from me, though. :]

in that case banana, I want a really shiny banana sticker for my b'day ;D

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etherpirate: Pshh totally brutals. bloodyberry: okay! I'll be sure to do that. :] wait! I dunno when your birfday is. Sooo, here's you one now. *gives you banana sticker* :D

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I wish my therapist gave me banana stickers D:

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fylorydi1994 0

oops sorry I mention can I have a banana sticker too? :) stupid iPad

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At least it wasn't at your head. Happy birthday though. :]

YDI for not making him the right kind of sammich, causing him to lose his temper.

Since he's into destroying property, that's when you back into him and pour bleach on his lawn.

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On his lawn? Somehow I don't think that will hurt him.

It won't hurt him directly, no, but if you wrote "bastard" on his front lawn, it'll last awhile.

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Salt works too... *Remembers Halloween of '05*