By Anonymous - 03/05/2009 15:22 - United States

Today, it was my boyfriend's 21st birthday. Along with a pair of $80 shoes, I bought him a birthday cake, his favorite ice cream and a $15 balloon. I showed up to the party and he was very intoxicated. So intoxicated that he pops the balloon, drops the cake, and throws up all over his new shoes. FML
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I would like to see this $15 balloon.

But he's still got the ice cream right? Let's keep this in perspective!


Need Some Ice On That?

Um, ydi for getting a $15 balloon

At least the ice-cream's okay! :D

I'd the balloon gold plated or something? Why is it $15?

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Boys will be boys.

Wait till its your birthday and do it to him. Or lie about stuff he did whilst intoxicated and guilt him into doing stuff for you. Either way FYL

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

You sound like a terrible person. Yes what OP's BF did thoughtless and rude but why does that mean OP should lie/guilt her BF to do things for her?

Idk what you guys were expecting. It's his 21st birthday, there is something wrong if you don't get drunk. FYL for the presents getting ruined but did you honestly expect him to be sober.

I would like to see this $15 balloon.

it's probably one if those novelty ones that play songs when you touch them?

Yeah but those are only like 3 bucks. I have a singing balloon trust me you do not want one it is the most annoying thing in the world.

But he's still got the ice cream right? Let's keep this in perspective!

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Agreed with #3 and #4.... $15? You should've shown up to tha party earlier...

Ah, sweet memories! Good thing you don't have to put your feet into those shoes! Lol

Sue the balloon company, if it actually costs 15 bucks, it better be unpoppable.

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it probably sang.

21st? didnt you expect him to be wasted?

Wow. That really blows chunks.