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  chell1894  |  13

That's to be expected when you take in an abandoned cat. I work at an animal shelter. Not once did a cat come in with no fleas. Just bath him in vinegar (that will kill the live ones) and then put on some flea treatment to kill the eggs. Other wise you'll just have more in a couple days.

By  syki  |  22

Simple solution: bring in a few flies. They'll naturally gravitate toward the flue, and, after wondering what to do, they'll eventually decide to flee through a flaw in the flue.

  syki  |  22

Ouch, obviously that nursery rhyme isn't as common as I thought. Well, maybe you can swallow the fleas as a prequel to a spider. Unfortunately, it'll all escalate rather quickly and, well, you'll end up choking down a horse and dying. I'll leave it to you to decide what part of the horse.

By  pheebs314  |  17

That's what happens when you mess with strange animals. You're lucky it isn't something worse. Get some flea spray and learn from this experience. Although, I can't say that you deserve it because that was a nice thing to do.

  PincessBoff  |  6

Strange animals? A cat is not a strange animal, quite common if you ask me. Hence all the cats you always see everywhere, and all the people hoarding them...

By  Pleonasm  |  34

Make a flea circus, I know I would.
Man, that's been my dream; fleas doing miniature-hopscotch, doing mini somersaults and jumping to the rhythym of The Entertainer.
So many possibilities.