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Mama's got the hookupppp

they won't do anything at the hospital anyway.


At least you don't have to feel the pain of failing.

why does a mom have painkillers if she isn't using it?

go to the hospital for a broken toe? all they will do is tape it and give you pain meds.

When I broke my toe, my mom thought the toe just popped out of place and was gonna pop it back into place. After I went to the doctor, I was really glad I didn't let my mom pop it back into place.

Mama's got the hookupppp

op: im bord mother: have some painkillers

they won't do anything at the hospital anyway.

true, there really isn't a treatment for broken toes

tell me about it haha my toe bent in the opposite direction while playing a game in my class one time, all I could do was tough it out and tape it to my other toe, very painful and my class never let me live it down haha

yeah besides breaking you toe doesn't really hurt

Breaking any bone hurts. Don't believe me?? Why don't test it out. retard

Put it in a splint ... Or take yourself to the hospital ...

uhhh why the hell would you go to the doctor for a broken toe? Doctor sin't going to do anythign except give you ibuprophen and send you home. It's just a broken toe....

you don't even need pain killers for a broken toe. I've broken my pinkie toes so much they don't bend or anything and I never once needed a pain killer

why didn't you just drive yourself?

probably because the toe was broken. kinda painful to drive with a freshly broken toe

Really? I drive with my whole foot, not just my toes.

Yeah but it's kinda awkward when, ya know, your toe is attached to your foot.

She's a highschool/post secondary student. She probably doesn't have a car.

Dammit, I knew there was something I did wrong today. I told Sam the hobo to fill it up with the strongest shit possible and that fool put in horse tranqs. Don't worry you guys will get a full refund, your mom's one of my best costumers. Just let me beat Sam with a garden hose first.

What the fuck are you talking about?

You must have a very low pain threshold. That was pretty nice of your mom, don't blame her just because you're a clumsy oaf.

When I broke my toe, the doctor made a "living splint".

it's not necessary to go to the hospital for a broken toe. at most they will x-ray and tape it to the next one but more than likely they will say there's nothing to be done and to let it heal on it's own. grow a pair and deal with it.

the mom should have known to tape it but didn't. so yes, OP should have went to the dr.