By Anonymous - 07/12/2012 00:19 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, one of my work colleagues was staring at my severe sunburn. She wanted to know if she could "peel" me, when my sunburn becomes "ripe", because she loves the sound. She won't take no for an answer, and I work with her everyday this week. FML
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You've got yourself one hell of a creeper. FYL.

Have a can of pepper spray on standby for self-defence!!


Have a can of pepper spray on standby for self-defence!!

winkydog4056 16

#2_* defense, #17_* cocaine, #20_* bananas, #19_* peeling & #25_* aloe.

Agreed! Only thing is I can't tell if this is epic trolling or major WTF situation.

You've got yourself one hell of a creeper. FYL.

All I could think of when I read this was "Cocain is one hell of a drug"

If she was a creeper all you would've heard was "kssssssssSSSSSSSSSSS...BOOM!"

It makes a sound ?? .... But still, ouch!

Kind of like the sound of cling wrap but softer. ... I think I want to gag now.

Oh wow :/ yep I'm with you on that one *gag*

chrissy2 28

But banana's don't make a "sound".

You're right. She doesn't make a sound. She types out on FML about how weird that is.

I'm curious what kind of sunburn puns people could come up with...

Here's a bad sunburn pun: It's time to peel out of there.

I haven't red any good ones. How sunsmart can UV?

This reminds me of Micky Rooney off of a family guy episode that likes to rip off people's scabs.

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I feel that it's probably much less hilarious in real life...

I'd definitely have to go with someone wanting to peel someone else's.

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How about simply saying, "No." Think that'll work? Deny her the opportunity, she must stop asking.

KM96 24

No, because she "won't take no for an answer" - so it probably will not.

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How about simply brushing-up on your reading skills? :P

I haven't punched a girl in the face but... I still wouldn't. Tell her for every peel, you get to fondle her boobs ... And that you won't take No for an answer!

What if she's into it an what if OP isn't a lesbian? Then she just boned herself HARD!