By shrutisoma - 12/05/2016 04:54 - Australia - Strathfield

Today, I was at work when a customer came up to me and asked where and what I used to get my tan. I'm Indian. FML
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When will people stop asking stuff without thinking first? FYL OP.


When will people stop asking stuff without thinking first? FYL OP.

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OP could have said genetics.

at least the customer doesn't see race? ignorance is better then bigotry definitely a face palm moment tho

I got it from Genetics. It's a little mom and pop shop.

They never will #1. As long as there are people on this earth there will always be a few with the common sense of a goldfish. We made everything to safe, now it takes real effort to get the Darwin award.

Common sense is hard to find nowadays

I'm sorry, but I don't really understand why this is so offensive. I'm Indian too, and I wouldn't feel offended, if anyone asked me the same question. Am I missing something, or overlooking a point?

i don't know if the OP is offended as much as it was a complete face-palm moment for them.

So, the answer is from your parents and your genes?

Happens to all of us from different races. FYL when people just don't stop and think.

It could be worse OP. I work in tech support and I had a customer tell me that at least I could put on an American accent when I talk to them. I was born and raised in the US and English is the only language I know.

Some native Americans get accused of being I can understand your feeling OP... And how does YDI tie in? I mean you can't really determine your race and what you get is what you get...

- Alright Mr. Gellar, right this way. So, how dark do you want to be? We have 1, 2, or 3. - Well uh, I like how you look, what are you? - Puerto Rican. - Two, I think, a two.

So sling yourself in their arms, whilst muttering it Hereditary... And I ran out of my antipsychotics three days ago.....

I'd say you're holding up pretty well, and so do the voices in my head.